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Need your help for jewelry survey for my business course

Dear jewelry makers, I am a graduate student at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business. For my group’s technology commercialization project, we are surveying for an interest in an online marketplace purpose built for artisan and...

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Handmade Jewelry by Copper Reflections

We Can Create Jewelry from Your Artwork

We have been working on our jewelry since 1985. We have created the techniques and the designs ourselves over the years. We have participated in many craft shows in Canada and the US, and we believe that we are the only ones making this type of...

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Pulling / rolling silver and gold wire

I have just joined this forum ( 5 min ago ) so here is a quick intro and my first question. My Name is Lockie from Australia I am a retired opal miner of 45 years mining and cutting all types of opals and gemstones. Please be patient with my...

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Alexandrite pendent in proper light...

These are the latest pics of the alexandrite pendent taken with very good led technology, the pics are in daylight, led white, UV, & incandescent light, not photoshop of pics-steve…

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How do you attach a ring to a fabric button earring? (picture included)

Hi, what piece would you use and how would you attach a ring to a fabric button earring as in this photo?

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Can Anyone Help Me Identify This Material?

Hello, I friend of mine would really like to search for material like used in this earing to make her own or possibly purchase some already made. Does anyone have any guesses as to what this material might actually be? Thanks in advance…

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Is my gold usable?

I had my first pour go wrong. Luckily I wasn’t hurt. However, I am wondering if the gold i spilled is still usable or if it contaminated with impurities now?

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Hi from a Russian blacksmith!

Hi! I’m a manufacturer of titanium damascus composite Tikron from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Here is my site I produce some stuff which can be interesting for jewelery makers, e.g. Tikron rods and blocks of various sizes and...

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Locating a supplier - Need assistance

I need assistance in identifying product name and a supplier. I cannot seem to find online… Looking for a screw eye but with a silver plated flat base attached or decorative. Working on wine keychains but want to make it look prettier. A...

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Feedback on the fine jewellery market

Hi! Im doing a questionnaire to collect data on the consumption of high jewellery pieces, before i launch my own brand. Could you help me and give me some feedback? Thank you

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Jewerly Selection

Hello guys. I am planning to launch a jewelry store, but very confused with selection of jewelry.This is one of the product I have in my store, made with jasper stones.Any feedback would be appreciated, also what would be the appropriated price...

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resourses or ring making

Are there any books available which will give me the basics of ring making?

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sell my jewellery gemstone strands

Hi, I am looking for some advice, I am a early trader of fabulous gemstone strands, I am looking to sell on part time basis, and I have tried ebay but with very little traffic…any advice would be welcome. Things I have are gemstones, wire,...

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University Survey

Hello Everyone! As part of a university assignment, we at UCB are collecting data on behalf of Diamond Jules LTD. the survey aims to collect consumer buying behaviour and habits when it comes to purchasing jewellery online as well as in store....

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Jhunga g

About me

I am from India I am creating jewelry with my brother and selling online also now i am creating sterling silver gemstone jewelry i am new in jewelry forums and dont know how to sale online more my friend updated me join forums

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Choosing Jewelry packaging

hi Guys how do you go about choosing your jewelry packaging for fine jewelry jeweler’s?

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Silver Sheet

Hi, I’m a really beginner and have only done a 1 day taster course, but want to try at home. Which thickness of silver sheet do you use to make a ring 1 or 2mm?. Thanks Emily

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Advice on getting started

Hi everyone! Where is the best place to get a starter kit? I want to start making wire jewelry. I am looking to primarily making earrings and some necklaces. I have looked on Amazon, at Walmart and Hobby Lobby. All the ones I see are all beads...

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Looking for supplies

Hi all, Can anyone suggest a place to buy the following supplies, ideally silver. I’m having a really hard time finding the sizes I need as I’m working with 5mm and 6mm fabric cord. Pendant Bail Slider – need 7mm & 8mm hole Tube Curved...

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Octagonal Rectangular Bezel Setting Help

Hi! I’m new to working with metal to create jewelry. I have a specific project that I’m working on and need help on how to set a sterling bezel for a flat top onyx stone with a step – shape of an emerald (octagonal/rectangular). When I look...