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Debbie Pribele

Skill Sharing: Earrings

Share your tips, tutorials, questions, and support … regarding the creation of earrings. What have you learned from your experiences and your research?

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Online Jewelry store

Hello everyone !! Im basically new to all this … so I hope I get this right🙈 Anyhow firstly I just recently like a month ago opened a online jewelry store … it’s called nfinite things . I have an Instagram and Facebook page as well. Please do...

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Advice for Newbie

Hi everyone—I’m new to jewelry making and am looking for some advice on the best tools and materials I should use for my project. I have some pieces of coral that I brought home from various travels and I would like to make a simple necklace...

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Minimum needed to make plain rings

Hello, I have been watching some videos of folks making rings online. I’m interested in making some silver rings. Here is what I’ve seen online. 1. Melt silver in crucible and pour into mold 2. Remove melted material and run through a rolling...

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Using eyepins for small beads

I am trying to put small 5mm opal beads on eyepins for a chain. Are there eyepins available that have a thinner metal part to thread the bead on OR are they all the same thickness?

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Advice on protecting pendent

Hi, I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but i was hoping someone could advice. I wear a pendent around my neck 24/7 and i wanted to know how to protect it from things like rust and paint coming off. Here’s a picture...

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WithJK Jewelry

Brand New WithJK Jewelry

Hey Jewelry Community, We are a brand new jewelry company (WithJK) and I want to understand the market. I would love to hear your opinion and I was wondering if there are some people here that are willing to take 3 minutes of their time to help...

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Hi, I'm Xhuxan

Hi all! I dropped by here to participate in conversations about things like—oops! I’ve set one stone, and a prong just snapped off of the side setting, etc. Sorta low-tech right now, still on a butane torch, but looking to upgrade that soon....

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I have some items looking for new caring homes!

Hey all! I recently no longer have need for a few items that I have taken great care of. I have a new addition coming to the family soon and will no longer have the time to utilize them! if you have any questions dont be afraid to email me at...

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I am looking for inspiration for a custom wedding ring

Hi, I am looking for interesting ideas for a wedding ring, something unprecedented but looking great.

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Hello, and question about rebraiding

I just found this community. I have been a bench jeweller, repairs mainly ,for 30yrs. Love it. A few yrs ago decided to have a go on my own. My question is , does anyone havema video link for rebraiding 4 strand herringbone chains? My...

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What kind of “finding” do I need?

I have a decorative medal, which is round, about the size of a dime. It features a round “ring” at the top, which Is supposed to be used for hanging, as a pendant. The ring is situated parallel to the medal, so that one would need a jump ring...

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Having a custom gold ring made from wax

Good morning, I have an idea for a ring that I would like to have made, and I was looking into having it either hand carved from wax or made from a CAD file. I was wondering if anyone else has had something made and how it turned out, what the...

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Abhishek Agarwal

RMP Jewellers Pvt Ltd

RMP Jewellers is a company that was started in the year 1980. RMP Jewellers deals in all types of silverware, jewellery, corporate gifts & other gift items that can be used on festive occasions. Huge range of Silver bars & coins, silver...

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Jewellery Making Tools For Beginner

Hello, I am currently in the process of completing my Design and Technology Year 12 Major Work and am creating a range of jewellery using sterling silver and copper materials. I am new to this and was wondering if anyone would please be able to...

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Introduction to mens rings club

Hi Liam Jack here web content creator for mens rings online shop introduction As a lifestyle brand. We offer quality brands of ring for sale from our trusted brands, curate and showcase an array of quality products and we adhere...

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Elias Diamond Cutting, Inc.

Diamond cutter

Hello everyone. My name is Bill Wigutow and I am located in Hollywood, FL. My family has been in the diamond industry in South Florida since 1968. I learned how to cut diamonds from my father and I am also a GIA Graduate Gemologist. Elias...

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Buy Women Pendant Necklaces Online

Get the unique and the latest design pendant necklaces. We offer exclusive pendant at the affordable prices. Our wide selection of elegant, stylish pendants will have you looking your very best, without costing you a fortune. Butterfly pendant...

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mixed metals

Hi everyone. I do alot of mixed metal designs. I know I can use a pickle of hydrogen peroxide & sodium bisulphate to take the copper blush off my brass pieces,, but is it safe to put a combo piece of silver and brass in this same pickle?

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ExJewel is the 1st responsible jewelry eco-system

Did you know that 92% of jewelry is not worn in any given year? One of the reasons is that fashion trends are constantly changing, making it harder to wear so-called “old-fashioned” pieces. Meet ExJewel, the 1st responsible jewelry eco-system....