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It's A Wrap - Bracelets & More

No more Editor's Choice?

Is there not an Editor anymore? It’s been a few months since I’ve received any email notifications and I have not seen any Editor’s Choice being posted either ??

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Call for Referrals advice needed

Hello. As a formally educated artist, I have been such for over 30 years; first as a photo-realist painter, then a porcelain sculptor and now a jeweler.Never a success (in my terms). Since I don’t work in foundry, with solid gold or Sterling, my...

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What do you do with all the weird not so great things you make?

I have a box full of stuff that just didn’t turn out right, I am thinking of making wind chimes or sun catchers with the copper brass pieces. I will often go through these things when blocked and remake them into something else. I always remove...

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Wandering Rock Designs

Thank you for Editor's Choice

I want to say thank you for making my copper shield pendant editor’s choice. It really made my day when I saw the email in my inbox. This piece was quite a challenge since I tried a lot of techniques that I have never done before. I’m planning on...

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kimberly newman

Is anyone going to Bead and Button show 2017 in Wisconsin???

I would love to meet up with anyone who is going! I will be there June 9th, 10th, and 11th. Please let me know so we can get together for drinks or some bead shopping.

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Is your jewelry selling?

I can’t seem to figure it out. Everyone says I make beautiful jewelry, why can’t I sell it? I use plenty of colors, I use good products and I put my all into what I do. There has got to be a reason! If people can not buy your jewelry for $1.00,...

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YAY!!! Thank you!

I just want to thank you for picking my Indira necklace as Editor’s Choice this week! I had a lot of fun making it. It took me awhile to decide what to do with that big beautiful carnelian! Thanks again!

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Jean Bruce

thank you

Sorry I’m so late getting my Thank you out. I really do appreciate being editors choice on my Marissa bracelet. It was a very simple last minute bracelet for my niece for Christmas. Thank you so much for picking my creation as editors choice...

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Jean Bruce

thank you

Thank you for making my many pairs of earrings the editors choice award, I am honored. Thank you again I deeply appreciate that I was chosen.

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Jeweler's T-Shirt

I just want to say that I just got my t-shirt in the mail and it’s very nice! 100% organic cotton! This is going to feel so good….thanks to everyone who voted. And thank you for the shirt!

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Jean Bruce

thank you

Thank you for picking Kynna’s rosary as editors choice award, I was very honored and excited for my rosary to be chosen

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K. Lynn Designs

Voting is flawed

I entered the Spring contest and my creation was #14 of 14 called Spring Delight. Unfortunately, no one can vote for my creation because when you go to vote, the selections only go up to #13. Mine is not listed, even though my pic is there when...

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Member of the Week

Thank you for picking my pin, “Sunburst”, for member of the week!

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Michal Bulla

2 000 Members

Woohoo, we just reached the milestone 2 000 members. Thank you all for joining the site!!!

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Editor's Choice

Thank you for choosing my creation – Purple and Gold Hoop Earrings for Editor’s Choice!!! :D

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Thank you!!

Thank you so much for picking my pink & white bracelet! I did not expect that. Thank you again!! :)

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Annah Kay

Thank you ❤

Awww, thank you guys so much for picking me as Member of the Week. I kinda sat googly eyed looking at my e-mail today :)

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Shelly Owen

Thank you so much

Thank you Jewelers.Community for choosing me as Member of the Week. You made my day. :)

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Thank You for picking Crimson Sky for Editors Choice This Week

Thank you for picking Crimson Sky as the Editors Choice this week! (Sept.17) It was a wonderfull surprise when I opened my email :-) deffentley made my day:-) Thank you again

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Editors Choice

Thank you for choosing my piece for the Editors Choice this week! Posted it to my Facebook page and told my family 1st thing this morning! Marta