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Online Jewelry store

Hello everyone !! Im basically new to all this … so I hope I get this right🙈 Anyhow firstly I just recently like a month ago opened a online jewelry store … it’s called nfinite things . I have an Instagram and Facebook page as well. Please do...

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WithJK Jewelry

Brand New WithJK Jewelry

Hey Jewelry Community, We are a brand new jewelry company (WithJK) and I want to understand the market. I would love to hear your opinion and I was wondering if there are some people here that are willing to take 3 minutes of their time to help...

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Hi, I'm Xhuxan

Hi all! I dropped by here to participate in conversations about things like—oops! I’ve set one stone, and a prong just snapped off of the side setting, etc. Sorta low-tech right now, still on a butane torch, but looking to upgrade that soon....

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Abhishek Agarwal

RMP Jewellers Pvt Ltd

RMP Jewellers is a company that was started in the year 1980. RMP Jewellers deals in all types of silverware, jewellery, corporate gifts & other gift items that can be used on festive occasions. Huge range of Silver bars & coins, silver...

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Introduction to mens rings club

Hi Liam Jack here web content creator for mens rings online shop introduction As a lifestyle brand. We offer quality brands of ring for sale from our trusted brands, curate and showcase an array of quality products and we adhere...

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Elias Diamond Cutting, Inc.

Diamond cutter

Hello everyone. My name is Bill Wigutow and I am located in Hollywood, FL. My family has been in the diamond industry in South Florida since 1968. I learned how to cut diamonds from my father and I am also a GIA Graduate Gemologist. Elias...

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ExJewel is the 1st responsible jewelry eco-system

Did you know that 92% of jewelry is not worn in any given year? One of the reasons is that fashion trends are constantly changing, making it harder to wear so-called “old-fashioned” pieces. Meet ExJewel, the 1st responsible jewelry eco-system....

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New to the website!

Hi all, I’m new to the Jewelers Community, here a quick introduction. My name’s Thom, but you can call me TJ if you like. I’m active on multiple forums here on the worldwide web, namely on the watch forum Watchuseek. I’m 19, full time...

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Need your help for jewelry survey for my business course

Dear jewelry makers, I am a graduate student at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business. For my group’s technology commercialization project, we are surveying for an interest in an online marketplace purpose built for artisan and...

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Hi from a Russian blacksmith!

Hi! I’m a manufacturer of titanium damascus composite Tikron from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Here is my site I produce some stuff which can be interesting for jewelery makers, e.g. Tikron rods and blocks of various sizes and...

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University Survey

Hello Everyone! As part of a university assignment, we at UCB are collecting data on behalf of Diamond Jules LTD. the survey aims to collect consumer buying behaviour and habits when it comes to purchasing jewellery online as well as in store....

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Jhunga g

About me

I am from India I am creating jewelry with my brother and selling online also now i am creating sterling silver gemstone jewelry i am new in jewelry forums and dont know how to sale online more my friend updated me join forums

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New here

Hi everyone, I’m a small business (read: very small) and I mostly make beaded items; my first love is bead weaving, but I love learning new techniques in other mediums as well.

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Sohail Afzal


hi, my name is Sohail and i’m from US

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Just joined Hi all

Hi all My name is Lockie and looking for a place I can improve my skills, looking forward to reading and chatting with like minded people. Thanks for being here!

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Divya Chugh Jewelry Designers


Hello Everyone, Here I am a newbie and my name is Divya Chugh and I am Jewellery Designer. I hope all you are fine.

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Henry Rowell


Greetings, community members! The name’s Henry. I work with Anny’s, a Frankston jewellery specialising in custom engagement rings, heirloom jewellery and wholesale loose diamonds. I’m hoping to get design ideas from this blog and offer some...

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Hello I'm new here. I make Bent wood rings and wood and resin jewelry

Hello everyone, My name is Rebecca and I have been making wood and resin jewelry for about 3 years now and just recently got into making bent wood rings. Are there any other ring makers here?

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First time poster, long time follower

Just joined, Getting back into this after 35 years. Have a bit to learn again but have many ideas I want to try. So here I am.

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Kia Ora from New Zealand

Hey all, New here as of tonight. I’m just getting started with making jewellery. Setting up my work area in our new home this week. I have made some chokers, earrings, woven wax cord bracelets and a couple of necklaces before we moved from the...