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I am looking for inspiration for a custom wedding ring

Hi, I am looking for interesting ideas for a wedding ring, something unprecedented but looking great.

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Jewerly Selection

Hello guys. I am planning to launch a jewelry store, but very confused with selection of jewelry.This is one of the product I have in my store, made with jasper stones.Any feedback would be appreciated, also what would be the appropriated price...

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Handmade Jewelry by Copper Reflections

We Can Create Jewelry from Your Artwork

We have been working on our jewelry since 1985. We have created the techniques and the designs ourselves over the years. We have participated in many craft shows in Canada and the US, and we believe that we are the only ones making this type of...

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Burlington Jewelers

Hi! We are a new business based in Burlington, MA! We create handmade jewelry, using gold, diamonds, and stunning gemstones! Check out our website today!

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Vintage inspired jewelry... trendy or timeless?

Hello everyone! I love making vintage-inspired jewelry from the Victorian and Edwardian periods including Steampunk and Boho. I mix them up, adding my own edgy touch to the pieces I create. These periods really inspire me. For the last months,...

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Create a pair of golden ear rings from scratch

Hello everybody this is my first post I would like to create a pair of golden ear rings from scratch for my wife I like hobbies and I am kind of interested in the process, and also I would like to make a surprise to her. Then afterwards I could...

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 Antique youngster

Is this Victorian art deco or just another repro?!

Looking for some assistance found this lovely piece the other day but still can’t tell if it’s Victorian, art deco or just a repro. If feels heavy it smells like copper still can’t find any markings or hallmarks to an artist or an era any and...

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Earring display

I am doing some Craft fairs later in the year! Most of the jewellery is done – although I know i will never have enough – so thoughts turn to displaying it all to the best advantage! I would like your feedback on the pic! I just “threw” the...

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy this chain?

I’m a big fan of chains and Drake (A RAPPER) has this silver chain with a pendant on it.. I can’t find any chains with round pendants like this.. that isn’t to thin on the chain.. and looks good with a pendant. Here’s a pic:...

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a couple new designs I have been working on.

Masur Birch Bent Wood rings with turquoise, Malachite and Jasper. Santos Rosewood Bent Wood Rings. No inlay is necessary. the wood is beautiful enough as it is. Masur Birch and Walnut Bent Wood Ring with a center inlay of Blue Bird...

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How do I make my own earrings?

I have a design in mind for some earrings. They are drop earrings and made of gold or silver with diamonds. I asked a jewelry maker for a quote and he told me that since he had to mold the earrings it will end up costing me nearly 800 dollars....

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Ruby diamond sapphire & tourmaline...

This is the pendent that inspired the veterans day pendent, the stones are all lab certed in 14kt yellow gold & @ 2.5" tall-steve…

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It's A Wrap - Bracelets & More

Thank You For Editor's Choice

Thank you so very much for Editor’s Choice this week!! What a terrific way to start my day! :D

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It's A Wrap - Bracelets & More

Thank you for Editor's Choice Again!!

What an awesome week! Thank you for choosing my diffuser bracelet for Editor’s Choice. Two wins in one week!! This girl is excited!!

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making 130 gram motorcycle in sterling silver, step by step, tutorial

hi this is tutorial how to build motorcycle, in silver. "":! ...

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Stop symbol charm

I am looking for a STOP symbol charm; a circle with a line through it NOT a stop sign. Hoping someone can direct me or make for me!

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My soapbox...

Ok, I need to vent a little bit here. I’ve held my tongue as long as I can on this. I’ve run across it so many times on this site, and on many others. I see, time and time again, when people post photos of jewelry they’ve made, and don’t give...

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Would this make designing easier for you?

Hi Everyone! I’m thinking of starting some kind of website around made-to-order bead jewelry or a digital bead jewelry design tool, and I’m wondering if it’s even a valid idea. Long story short is that I’m a combat veteran that developed some...

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Donna's trinkets, LLC

Beaded Easter eggs I was browsing my Woman’s Day newsletter and I saw these gorgeous eggs. I’ve included the link to the site above if any one wants to create them.