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Vintage inspired jewelry... trendy or timeless?

Hello everyone! I love making vintage-inspired jewelry from the Victorian and Edwardian periods including Steampunk and Boho. I mix them up, adding my own edgy touch to the pieces I create. These periods really inspire me. For the last months,...

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Earring display

I am doing some Craft fairs later in the year! Most of the jewellery is done – although I know i will never have enough – so thoughts turn to displaying it all to the best advantage! I would like your feedback on the pic! I just “threw” the...

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Stop symbol charm

I am looking for a STOP symbol charm; a circle with a line through it NOT a stop sign. Hoping someone can direct me or make for me!

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My soapbox...

Ok, I need to vent a little bit here. I’ve held my tongue as long as I can on this. I’ve run across it so many times on this site, and on many others. I see, time and time again, when people post photos of jewelry they’ve made, and don’t give...

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Would this make designing easier for you?

Hi Everyone! I’m thinking of starting some kind of website around made-to-order bead jewelry or a digital bead jewelry design tool, and I’m wondering if it’s even a valid idea. Long story short is that I’m a combat veteran that developed some...

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Donna's trinkets, LLC

Beaded Easter eggs I was browsing my Woman’s Day newsletter and I saw these gorgeous eggs. I’ve included the link to the site above if any one wants to create them.

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Bead embroidery

This is my first submission! I have RA and am able (finally) to do some beading. Let me know what you think.

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Amazing Facts: Did you know it before?

If you know something strange about diamonds, then please share it with me. I am collecting the real & strange facts about diamonds to write about it. Waiting for some amazing facts. _Casey Hough Blogger @ Cut Rate Diamonds _

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Cindy A.


It made my whole day to see one of my designs made Editor’s Choice. It means a lot to stand out for any reason with so many talented people out here! Thanks again!

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Fran Gold


Well I now have two fairs under my belt. The first one in Ohio was ok but not nearly as profitable as I had hoped. My first juried fair was excellent! I was so excited to talk to people about my work and at the same time sell, sell, sell! I...

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Just thinking outloud

I have been so cluttered in my craft room that I was starting to feel overwhelmed; Knitting and craft projects on one table, my beads all over on another. I got to cleaning and straightening and that led me (with my attention span) to start...

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Thank you

Thank you for picking my design as editors choice. It means a lot.

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Brandswife Creations

Tag line

Hi everybody. I have some good news. I am having a website built for my brand and I am sooo excited. The designer has asked me to come up with a ‘Tagline’ for the front page. He suggested ‘Handmade Jewellery’ but I don’t think that is unique...

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Debbie Pribele

Basics: Customer Preferences

What are customers looking for? Cindy caught my attention (on the creation posted below) when she wrote: “The last show I was at there was a lot of interest in this sort of jewelry. So I like to keep my customers happy!” Also, recently, I was...

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kimberly newman

Finally My Hard Work is Noticed

I have worked really hard to get where I am at today and yesterday I received my first copy of a magazine I am published in. Its so exciting! I know its not for everyone and its a lot of work and waiting. But if your willing to put forth the...

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Tammy Byrd

Agate Pendants

I was thinking the other day about how beautiful agates look when you hold them up to the light and you can see all of the detail that is held within, like a secret, but when they are held, say against the declottete, they are dark and it is hard...

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Tammy Byrd

Shades of Grey

Dont forget to vote for your favorite piece. Voting only lastes a couple more days. My entry is Queens Quarry, dont forget to take alook at it and I would appreciate any vote. Thanks everyone for supporting this website, I have loved it since...

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Donna's trinkets, LLC

Wire wrap?

I have this great looking marcasite cab and I want to wrap it, as you can tell by the pic, but I am not happy with the way I did this. I am looking for input, inspiration, ideas from those of you who do wire wrapping. Keep in mind I am not...