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Disposal of Unused Jeweler's Chemicals Need Advice

Hi, I am not a jeweler. I bought 3 large storage crates about three years ago that had belonged to a jeweler. There was some hazardous materials in there. i should have taken them right back to the auction company…i don’t know why i didn’t. ...

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Cindy A.

Looper Reviews?

I was in the craft store and I saw this tool, the 1-step Looper. It was $32, which seems like a lot of money for a hand-held tool to loop wire…but I bought it because I suck at looping and habitually do it wrong. I’m just wondering if anyone...

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Crucible Flux

Hello, I am wondering if there is anyway to remove burnt flux from a crucible ? I know I can burn it off, holding the crucible at an angle, but recently I have found this has not worked and I am having large globs of impossible to move deposits...

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Bench tool recommendation

Hello everyone, I am beginning my foray into metal jewelry fabrication and am in the process of setting up a work station. I am looking for a rotary bench tool but am not educated on the particulars enough to make a purchase yet. Any opinions,...

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Greetings all. I am getting back into casting (as a hobby) after a long Hiatus. To that end, I just received a Kerr-Vac 2 piece casting machine (Model No. 5160). One part houses the investment vacuum table and dome, the other houses the...

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Lindys Treasure Chest

Thread Zapper

has anyone used a Thread Zapper on nylon knotting cord ? If so, is there any way to stop the cut edge from being burnt/black ? Using a lighter also made it go black. Not a good look on pale coloured cords. thanks Lindy

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Gas gauge

Hello people, I am a trainee jeweller, to be honest I am fairly ok with my ability but there is something that I think I might need help with. Whilst I am only working with Silver, this is great to learn but now my tutor has said he will...

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Wax welder plans or good cheap one

Does anyone have plans to make a wax welder? Or know where to obtain a cheap new or used one?

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Becca Ross

Rio Grande

Okay, I have to write a glowing review of as I have been shopping there for a while now. The service is great, and the selection is great. The prices are great if you live in the US ;) I don’t order lots of stuff from there, just my...

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Midas Black Max Oxidation

Hello! I have recently been using Midas Black Max Oxidation with sterling silver in some of the finishes on my jewelry pieces. I am having an issue and wonder if anyone may be able to help… I am having trouble getting the oxidation to stick...

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Jean Bruce

beadalon bangle bracelet weaver kit

Has anyone used the beadalon bangle bracelet weaver kit, if so is it worth buying I seen it on JTV today and thought it was pretty cool but wanted opinions on what you guys thought Thanks

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Round nose pliers recommendation

Happy Friday! I have been making earrings for about 2 months now and I’m excited to say that I made my first sales today! But that isn’t why I’m posting this. I bought my round nose pliers from Hobby Lobby and I’m already having issues. First of...

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Bejeweled Lady

Need new tools, need suggestions

Hi all, I need to replace some of my very worn out tools. I need new cutters, flat, chain nose and round pliers, etc. Before I buy anything, I’d like to get some feedback from all of you. Do you have a favorite brand that you use or do you...

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Debbie Pribele

Dear Santa ...

Dear Santa, I hope you and your family are doing well. (Say “hi”, for me, to Ms. Claus and the elves) I have tried my best to be good this year. I have been doing lots of jewelry-making and, after you’ve taken care of all the boys and girls, I...

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has anyone used this?

Hi I was wondering if anyone has used this tool? Does it work well? Its seems really cool and looks easy to use would be great for beginners.It would save time on wire wrapping

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Cheryl Lojewski

Since we're talking tools....

Came across these in Tucson this year and they looked pretty cool. Bought one and love it! They turn crimp tubes into little beads and really finish off a piece of jewelry. Does anyone else use these?

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Cotton Cord

I just bought a spool of black cotton cord, 100 % cotton. Are there specific type of cord ends to use or does it matter?

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Wire Guardians

I was looking for a specific size that will accommodate a 49 Strand Beading Wire .018 and bought the wrong size. The size I bought is 0.022" diameter. I wrote to the seller and she said I will need to get a larger size. She doesn’t have any...

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Wet Tumbler

Hello all! I have a question that I am hoping you all will be able to help me answer. I have a jewelry business and a Lortone Tumbler. It has worked great and I love it! However… I have been making larger pieces and more art work type pieces...