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Tammy Byrd

Wire Wrapped Bolo

Today a friend and I got together and wire wrapped some Bolos, I have copywritten the slide idea. We created the slide and the wrap so it is all made at the same time. Here is my prototype: Here is the finished bolo: Front Back

554 views, 4 by kimberly newman

kimberly newman

Finally My Hard Work is Noticed

I have worked really hard to get where I am at today and yesterday I received my first copy of a magazine I am published in. Its so exciting! I know its not for everyone and its a lot of work and waiting. But if your willing to put forth the...

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Hi my name is Shelly and I live in AZ and im a beadaholic, at least thats what my kids say. I have been beading for about 4 yrs now. Most of my work is with seed beads, love brick stitch and what I can creat. Love to see others creations and...

226 views, 0 by Jessica

Wet Tumbler

Hello all! I have a question that I am hoping you all will be able to help me answer. I have a jewelry business and a Lortone Tumbler. It has worked great and I love it! However… I have been making larger pieces and more art work type pieces...

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Designs by Rikki

Hello, My name is Rikki Andrews; I own and operate Designs by Rikki. I’m a cancer “overcomer” and what began as something to do while confined to a bed [and house], quickly became a passion. I love being creative, and have become quite...

177 views, 0 by Joanne Martarano

Hi everyone

Hi, My name is Joanne and I live in Las Vegas, NV. I have been beading since 2004. Beading is mostly a hobby but I have also sold many pieces over the years. I belong to the Las Vegas Bead Society. I am teaching myself how to bead embroidery...

240 views, 0 by Annah Kay

Annah Kay

New as well!

Hello everyone ☺ I am Annah, and a friend shared this site on facebook today. So glad she did. I am relatively new to jewelry making itself, although I have spent a number of years cutting & forming cabs for other designs under my mother’s...

451 views, 0 by Jane A Gordon

Jane A Gordon

Super easy pearl stringing technique

Hi all. I just stumbled onto your group, and wanted to share my incredibly easy pearl stringing technique. The demos were never intended to be classes, and I only posted them as reminders for the students who took classes, but I was surprised...

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New to you 😉

Hi, my name is Dianne, I am a Scot now living and working in Wolverhampton. I am a nurse (part time) and for the rest of my time I design and make jewellery with seed beads using ‘off loom’ bead weaving techniques, I also really love Crystals...

305 views, 0 by Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane

How did you start making jewellery

As I stated in my introduction to myself I started making jewellery over six years ago as a way of raising money for the dance school my daughter attended for a dance production they were putting on. I have tried my hand at other crafts like...

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Tammy Byrd


Congrats Magenta on winning the 50 Shades of Grey contest. What a great piece! And congrats to Kimberly

395 views, 0 by Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane

Prototype Eleven Crown

I wanted to share this with you this is the first time I have ever tried anything like this but my friend in California is getting married next year and asked me to make her a Eleven crown to go with her wedding dress this is what I came up...

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Which wire can I use that holds the silver and gold color, and not so expensive.

I use craft wire because I can not afford to buy the silver or the gold filed, and I was wondering if you guys know of a good brand that won’t turn. or at least hold for a good time. Thank you

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Debbie Pribele

TIPS: Pattern

Where do you begin when starting the creation of piece of jewelry? paper design? or …

294 views, 0 by Madalynne Homme

Madalynne Homme

New Member

Hi everyone! My name is Madalynne and I’m excited to be a part of your group. I’ve been making jewelry since 2003 and I am totally addicted. I use to manage a bead store and taught lessons in wire wrapping. I’m a open book and love to help and...

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New member

Hi everyone! Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Sherry with Sher’s Creations :) I am a self taught wire wrapper and have been creating for about 2 years now since a dear friend passed away. I find creating very therapeutic...

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K. Lynn Designs

New to this site

Hi everyone, I’m Kelly. I’ve been designing and making jewelry for 9 years now. Looking forward to working with this site. K. Lynn Designs @

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Susan Dailey McWaters

New to site

Hi I am new to site I adore bead weaving thanks for the add hope to learn a lot and make new friends

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new member

Hi everyone. My name is Debbie and I am just introducing myself. I have been making jewelry for about 2 years, maybe a little longer. I have been trying my hand at beading, wirework, and silversmithing. I have so much to learn, it’s scary. ...

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Tammy Byrd

On-line members

When viewing the online members, I would much rather see a link to the persons gallery of projects then to see how many members they are following and how many members are following them. I am more interested in seeing their work then I am in...