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Newbie to Jewelry making - Crafting for years

Hi – I am Sharon, owner of Bayou Rose Bazaar! I have always loved crafting. It all started many (many) years ago. In 2003 I started painting on glass and selling my creations on ebay, a website, and craft fairs. Hurricane Katrina hit and it all...

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Just signed up on here and am glad that something like this exists. Hope to be sharing some of my work

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kimberly newman


Just wanted to say hello to everyone! Today is my first day and really like what I have seen so far. Beautiful jewelry everyone!

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Thanks for having me be a part of your group!

My given name is Lynn, but I have gone by “Muggie” since my 9 year old granddaughter named me that when she was only a baby! I have recently been certified as a level II pmc artist. Let me tell you – I absolutely LOVE this medium!! I have so...

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New Girl

Hi all, My name is Tammy and I’m new to Jewelers.Community. I’ve been enjoying reading and seeing the creativity and look forward to learning and growing as a jewelry designer and creator.

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Greetings from the newbie!

Hi all! I’m new to the group. I’ve always been a bit of a magpie, so I guess jewelry-making was inevitably going to be my outlet. I like everything, so I’m always up to try something new. I’m partial to wire, but also enjoy bead stringing...

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Hello Everyone, My name is Annette Asbury and I’m new to this forum but hoping to meet new friends in the jewelry making community!

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Audrey Greenwell

My name is Audrey...aka TwistedFalcon

Greetings! I am a newby to this site. I am thankful to be here and look forward to getting to know folks and sharing ideas and new items. I am a wire wrapper….very twisted! Love a good pun! I am a “housesitter” and to stay out of the bars...

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Hi y'all

Hi y’all, I am new to the group and I’m excited to talk, listen, help and post. I’m a mother of two and Nana of two, and they all take a lot of my time. I’m also home on disability. I have RA, Fibromyalgia and Osteoporosis. I started making...

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Howdee kool kats and kitties, my name is Ginny Bobbs. all call me ginnybob. Im crippled from Lyme disease. I used to bead crochet etc. I trying to relearn. Forgot had one too many concussions. Trying to find on YouTube pattern for ladder peyote...

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Debbie Pribele

TIPS: Storage

What are your TIPS re: beads and supply stash storage?

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Michal Bulla

Which technique(s) is your favorite?

I’m just curious which technique(s) are your favorite? So far it seems like the beads are the most posted.

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Brandswife Creations


Would it be possible to add/create tags as you are adding a creation. I am finding that there is not always a tags that fits my work, and I don’t seem to be able to create any. If there is a way to do it please let me know.

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Question- Using Silverware to make bangles etc- Thanks for the help!

Hello all- I bought some silver plated silverware/spoons to work with to make bangles and found that the plating cracks upon bending- is there any techniques anyone has had success with to make it work? I debated boiling the spoons (to avoid...

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Linda Anderson

Linda Anderson

Hello I am Linda. Thank you for accepting me in the group. I am a retired elementary teacher, mother, wife and friend to many.😃 It is my passion for art, design and color that feeds my creative mind. Sewing, knitting, crocheting,crafting,and...

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The Asymmetrical Necklace...... Would you fiddle with it or not?

I am new to Jewelers.Community and have just uploaded my first creation. Its a Turquoise Howlite Asymmetrical Necklace but my daughter who is a bit OCD said that she’d keep trying to straighten it up if she were to wear it. Any one else have...

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Need help

I want to make a necklace using curved tubes. I want them to turn outward. How do I keep them from turning inward?

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Terrie bead, or to plant spring flowers?

The weather is finally getting nice here, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia. The ice has finally melted off my deck, and the yard is drying out and it’s time for planting spring flowers. I now find myself torn, between working on a...

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Thank you

Thank you so much to be part of your community. I will enjoy reading, and seeing everyone’s beautiful work. Rosanne

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Hi Everyone 👋 Newbie here

Hi everyone, I discovered this site on Facebook. I’ve been doing jewelry for a couple of years now. I’m from Northern Virginia / Washington, DC area. I look forward to meeting and chatting with you.