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Debbie Pribele

TIPS: Pattern

Where do you begin when starting the creation of piece of jewelry? paper design? or …

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Madalynne Homme

New Member

Hi everyone! My name is Madalynne and I’m excited to be a part of your group. I’ve been making jewelry since 2003 and I am totally addicted. I use to manage a bead store and taught lessons in wire wrapping. I’m a open book and love to help and...

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New member

Hi everyone! Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Sherry with Sher’s Creations :) I am a self taught wire wrapper and have been creating for about 2 years now since a dear friend passed away. I find creating very therapeutic...

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K. Lynn Designs

New to this site

Hi everyone, I’m Kelly. I’ve been designing and making jewelry for 9 years now. Looking forward to working with this site. K. Lynn Designs @

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Susan Dailey McWaters

New to site

Hi I am new to site I adore bead weaving thanks for the add hope to learn a lot and make new friends

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new member

Hi everyone. My name is Debbie and I am just introducing myself. I have been making jewelry for about 2 years, maybe a little longer. I have been trying my hand at beading, wirework, and silversmithing. I have so much to learn, it’s scary. ...

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Tammy Byrd

On-line members

When viewing the online members, I would much rather see a link to the persons gallery of projects then to see how many members they are following and how many members are following them. I am more interested in seeing their work then I am in...

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Tammy Byrd

Agate Pendants

I was thinking the other day about how beautiful agates look when you hold them up to the light and you can see all of the detail that is held within, like a secret, but when they are held, say against the declottete, they are dark and it is hard...

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Newbie - and a little scared!

Hello to all! My name is Carole, and I have been making jewellery for about a year, on and off! I have got into it a bit more seriously this year and opened an Etsy shop about a month ago. I mainly do beading, as i find old necklaces, take...

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Martin Sojka

One Creation To Make It 1,000 :)

We are 1,500 jewelry makers making 2,186 comments on 999 creations, 47 blogs and 87 forum topics. Nice :)

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Brandswife Creations

Inspire and Encorage

This is in no way a criticism but from what I have observed there seems to be a reluctance to interact on this site. When I first joined I was delighted to join what seemed to be a new exciting community of like minded people who I could...

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Becca Ross

Are you a making snob?

One of the things that I find the most difficult about making my art is the attitudes I deal with from other artists. There are two main types of jewelry makers.. the kind who do it for the sake of doing it, and the kind who do it as a business....

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introduce myself

Hi, I am disabled with MS,have hard time seeing and many other things,but love to create jewelry

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BAJ Designs

Just arrived...

Hello everyone: I’ve been here two days now and I found I really like this place! The ease of posting my wares is wonderful. The site is extremely user-friendly and minimizes the time it takes me to list my stuff. I have been a beader since...

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Hi,,my name is Laura and I am new to your site. Look forward to sharing some of my creations.

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Michal Bulla

New Feature Alert: Follow Discussion Checkbox

Just a small but handy weekend upgrade. You can now see and use the ‘Follow discussion’ checkbox close to a Submit button when writing a new comment: Have a good Monday ;)

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Thank you

Thank you for accepting me in the group. I have been making handmade jewelry for over 10years. Iam a mother, of three and grandmother of 2 boys and 1 girl. And a proud mother of a military, daughter.

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Tammy Byrd

Shades of Grey

Dont forget to vote for your favorite piece. Voting only lastes a couple more days. My entry is Queens Quarry, dont forget to take alook at it and I would appreciate any vote. Thanks everyone for supporting this website, I have loved it since...

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Hi, I’m Emma from Space coast, Florida

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Avril Cheesbrough

Newbie here!

I am Avril from British Columbia Canada. I love jewellery and making it! I want to learn a lot more things about making it and setting stones and combining different materials. I do chain Maille, and viking knit, beading, and metal clay. I will...