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Looking for supplies

Hi all, Can anyone suggest a place to buy the following supplies, ideally silver. I’m having a really hard time finding the sizes I need as I’m working with 5mm and 6mm fabric cord. Pendant Bail Slider – need 7mm & 8mm hole Tube Curved...

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Octagonal Rectangular Bezel Setting Help

Hi! I’m new to working with metal to create jewelry. I have a specific project that I’m working on and need help on how to set a sterling bezel for a flat top onyx stone with a step – shape of an emerald (octagonal/rectangular). When I look...

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New here

Hi everyone, I’m a small business (read: very small) and I mostly make beaded items; my first love is bead weaving, but I love learning new techniques in other mediums as well.

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Burlington Jewelers

Hi! We are a new business based in Burlington, MA! We create handmade jewelry, using gold, diamonds, and stunning gemstones! Check out our website today!

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Possible to melt/make jewelry from brass shell casings

I have some brass shell casings that came from my friend’s military funeral. They were fired during the gun salute. I want to melt them down and make a brass ring from them. Is this possible?

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Beading Wire skin reaction....

Hello, I have been using the same wire for many years, stainless steel nylon coated, but now I notice on my right hand I do get a skin reaction. When I stop beading for a while it gets better. I was wondering if anyone here has advice if they...

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Jewelry Material Suppliers

Hello. I’m in high school and I just started a jewelry making business on Etsy. It’s been a bit challenging because it’s hard to find jewelry making supplies at a reasonable price. I was wondering if anyone knows of good suppliers that have...

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Question about glueing cabochons

I have gemstone cabochons that I want to glue onto a flat, metal surface such as a ring or bracelet that has a setting for it. I have used many types of glue and at first it seems OK but then even weeks later, you can push/snap the cabochon...

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Use my own gems in rivets for leather

Hello I am looking to use my own gems in rivets unlike purchasing rivets with crystals already in there that are fake I want to use my own half rounds I don’t care if I have to glue them or if there’s some type of tool that will allow me to crimp...

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How much taxes ?

Hello ! Sorry for my basic english i’m french : I learn jewelry on forum and have discution with some professional. In france, we gain only… haha ! 10% of the turnover…. But jewelry is a passion for me, i love it ! If a want to live from...

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What bead stitch is this?

Can anyone tell me what stitch this is? I’m trying to repair a necklace for my sister-in-law but I’m unsure of the stitch used. Thanks for your help!!!

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Using a Third Hand Tool While Soldering

Hi everyone – I am working on an engineering project to design a voice activated, robotic third-hand tool optimized for jewelry soldering. I am trying to perform user research to design the tool optimally – if you could take the time to fill out...

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How do you say "douille" in English ?

Hello, Here is a question about coin jewellery. My workshop do rings with or without “douille”. How do you say in English ? Here is a picture to explain better. - with “douille” there is a base / a band / which close the ring, below the coin....

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To The Moon And Back Cage MOM(MUM) Necklace Platinum Plated

“Love you to the moon and back” necklace, give you the most loved one, tell her that you love her.This Moon Cage allows space for up to 1-8 heart birthstones to make the ring even more special! Choose Mum or Mom ,It is best gift for mother....

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Sohail Afzal


hi, my name is Sohail and i’m from US

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Just joined Hi all

Hi all My name is Lockie and looking for a place I can improve my skills, looking forward to reading and chatting with like minded people. Thanks for being here!

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new pendents

Enclosing pictures of new pendents, items seem to come out pretty nicely, cut , color, clarity. 1st is Brazilian natural pink topaz & Afgani bi-color tourmaline, both stones over 11cts, flawless in 14kt gold, next pendent is a 5 stone chrome...

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What is this machine? Used for name pendant. Youtube link inside

This : It would be really helpful. TIA

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Rolling mill ID needed

I just scored this NOS (new old stock) Rolling mill but is has no name or identifing numbers on it. Does anyone have any idea of maker? Here is the info I do have 1980s vintage 3 inch flat rollers 3.5 to 1 ratio 13 inch handle Any and all...

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Vintage inspired jewelry... trendy or timeless?

Hello everyone! I love making vintage-inspired jewelry from the Victorian and Edwardian periods including Steampunk and Boho. I mix them up, adding my own edgy touch to the pieces I create. These periods really inspire me. For the last months,...