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Hello from NY state

Hi all, my name is Gene and I only do forged and soldered construction jewelry from silver and gold. I also cut and polish most of the semi-precious stones I use in my jewelry. I have been doing this off and on for forty some years and only got...

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Becca Ross

Rio Grande

Okay, I have to write a glowing review of as I have been shopping there for a while now. The service is great, and the selection is great. The prices are great if you live in the US ;) I don’t order lots of stuff from there, just my...

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Dumortierite pendent...

This is a rare dumortierite crystals growing within quartz, 2 stones, over 11.5cts in 14kt white gold. Pendent is @ 1" tall. The crystals are amazing to see, slight blue color & appear like sea urchins or star-burst-steve…

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Debbie Pribele

Skill Sharing: Earrings

Share your tips, tutorials, questions, and support … regarding the creation of earrings. What have you learned from your experiences and your research?

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Hello, I am Jennifer Swift . I really love to join this forum because I came here to share & Get knowledge, information.

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Newbie seeking help - looking for something no one else seems to have.

Hello everyone!! A couple weeks ago, I found “the one”. The one was a necklace that, from the moment I saw it, has haunted my dreams and plagued my every day thoughts. Since the price tag of the necklace was wildly unaffordable, I began seeking...

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Hello from Indonesia

Hello everyone, Thank you Michal, for accepting me to join this community. My name is Dian. I am from Indonesia and living in Indonesia. I love wearing accessories and since 2016, I began to create my own handmade fashion accessories and sell...

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New to everything!

Hi everybody! I’ve just recently started making jewelry. I’m starting with earrings (because I LOVE them) and will work my way to bracelets. I look forward to learning a lot!

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Materials Question

Hi all I am new to the community but very much looking forward to learning and contributing with fellow jewelry enthusiast. If anyone could shed some light on the cording this bracelet is made of or technique I would very much appreciate it....

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Newbie here..

Hello All.. I am new to this forum. I am very much fond of gold and diamond jewelry, so i am sure I will learn a lot here from all the experienced people.

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Jean Bruce

Not new but been missing from the community

Hi all! Been missing from the community, and jewelry making for a while, my three grown children keep me very busy, I don’t think they will ever grow up. My daughter just had a baby six weeks ago, my first grandchild, so now I very busy with...

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Newbie working with seed beads

Greetings. My name is Heather and I’ve recently started using seed beads to make bracelets. I’m trying to figure out what materials would make the process more efficient and less frustrating! I’m trying to use 11/0 seed beads on Stretch magic...

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New to Jeweler.Community

Hello my name is Lorri Carnevale my line is called Imperfectly Beautiful Designs, I am a multi media artists but my favorite materials to work with are metal/concrete handmade fused glass. I just found that I am passionate about creating image...

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Edward Bristol

Working with untreated gemstones

Hey Everybody, I’m new here, but not new to the trade. I’m the guy who sells only untreated gemstones at highest rates. Some people in the trade hate me for that but that is my mission. I have also written fiction books about the gem-trade...

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My soapbox...

Ok, I need to vent a little bit here. I’ve held my tongue as long as I can on this. I’ve run across it so many times on this site, and on many others. I see, time and time again, when people post photos of jewelry they’ve made, and don’t give...

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Bangle Bracelet

I have a client who wants a hand made hammered 14k bangle, which is not something I normally make. A couple of questions…if I start with 2mm thick stock, about what length do I need to start with to hammer it up to 7.5 inches, with about 1.5mm...

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Edward Bristol

For us it always begins with a stone

In our little niche of untreated gems, almost all jewelry projects start with the stone in hand. My customers decide on the stone first, and then ask ‘How shall we set it?’. That itself is probably not common, is it? I imagine for most members...

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Greg Smith

Celtic Pattern Wire?

Hi, does anyone know of a source for pattern wire (silver or copper) that has a Celtic knot pattern? The closest I’ve been able to find is a rope pattern.

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Using flat back rhinestones

I’ve just agreed to make a custom bracelet for one of my neighbors to give to her 3 and 4 yr old granddaughters. Trying to figure out the picture in her head has been a challenge. She wants flowers (crystal covered) and pearls. I’m going to...

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Would this make designing easier for you?

Hi Everyone! I’m thinking of starting some kind of website around made-to-order bead jewelry or a digital bead jewelry design tool, and I’m wondering if it’s even a valid idea. Long story short is that I’m a combat veteran that developed some...