Hi! I am Gail Chambers, proud wife of Gary Chambers. Gary and I are both artists. I work in wire and Gary is a painter, working mostly in oils and acrylic. I have been working with wire since April, 2012, and started by crocheting wire. I just about gave up! But...I stuck with it, moved onto a little weaving, and now weaving wire is my business and my passion. Gary and I do shows together, when he isn't working a real job, and we love to travel and be around the big blue water of the ocean. Nature supplies both of us with a palette to work from, me with my semi-precious gemstone cabochons, and Gary with the scenery that is always so plentiful around us. I have started to write tutorials on wire weaving and hope to have a book done in the near future. If you haven't figured it out, the "gg" in ggChambers stands for Gary and Gail.