Thank you for choosing my Peace pin for Editors Choice!

Wear your Jewelry!

Quick story to tell….today I took my mother in law out to some craft fairs and at one of the first fairs we went to a woman came up to me and told me how much she liked my necklace and where did I get it? I told her I made it some time ago and...

Thank you!

Thank you for choosing my pin for Editor’s Choice!

London England

I just thought I’d see who in this community is in the UK. I’m going to be visiting in June and was wondering what/where the best bead stores are at? I’m going there to visit my son and it’s my first time there. Besides the sight seeing, I...

Editors Choice

Wow! Thank you! Very surprised that “leftovers” received editors choice! Always nice to be acknowledged for what we make. 😊

Editor's Choice

Thank you for choosing my bracelet Ex’s and Oh’s for editors choice.