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Martha Brownell

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Apr 2015    Prescott Valley

I enjoy the creativity that comes along with making jewelry. For me, it's just a nice way to spend a few hours and feel the pride in something you have created all by yourself. I also am enjoying the wonderful new friendships that I have made in sharing my interests. It has never been my intent to sell what I make, I never had that much confidence in what I do but I have enjoyed gifting my family and friends with pieces I think they might like. It's a nice hobby and getting to talk with and share my interests with others makes life interesting. I am very fortunate as my husband supports my interests and has even built a She Shed for me! He enjoys watching me as I put things together and seeing the final results and always quick to offer encouragement. God has blessed us a great deal and we take nothing for granted!

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Thank you! #3: Heartfelt Thanks!

Member Of The Week! Unbelievable! Thank you so much Editors. I’m really thankful that I have found this group of fellow jewelry creators. Everyone has been so encouraging and positive about each other’s work. Checking in on the web page and...

Thank you! #2: Thank you Editors!

I love that my work was chosen for the January 20 Editors Choice! Thank you so much, it always surprises me when this happens as there are so many beautiful pieces each week by extremely talented artists. I sincerely thank you

Thank you! #1: Thank you Editors!

I am so proud to have received the Editors Choice award for my Swarovski stone ring. I’m grateful to the Editors for choosing their winners from all skill levels. Thank you again!