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Apr 2015    West Midlands UK    Website and Website

Having got into jewellery making a little bit last year, I decided to give it a real go this year! I found some old beads in a junk shop - my second favourite place after a motor racing circuit - added some new beads to them and made a new necklace. Spurred on by this, the majority of my jewellery has recycled beads incorporated in them. I sell it on behalf of a Charity I am heavily involved in - Operation Sabre, look us up on Facebook! We take redundant Fire Engines - I work for the Fire Service in real life - to Eastern Europe, notable Romania and Transylvania - where they don't have the resources to fight fires. We then train the locals how to use the equipment, and also get involved in more community based work such as supplying Fire Alarms to a Girls Orphanage, raising money for Dental Treatment for a Boys home, and renovating an Old Peoples Home.
Thanks for reading!!