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Bead and Button Show

I am not sure how many of you subscribe to this, but for you who don’t and are interested, I’m posting a link to the classes you can take at the show. I’m not going, but I can honestly say that if I ever do go, I’ll have to bring several...

Thank You Jewelers Community!

I know I haven’t been on much lately but I have been terribly busy. Most of you know that I own my own bead shop and it take a lot of my time to keep it up and running. I have also been busy helping my parents out. My dad was diagnosed with lung...

Jewelers.Community Awards - Glass Beads #1: Announcement

Theme: Glass Beads It’s summer and summer means time for the beach; and beaches mean sand; and sand is turned into glass; and glass is turned into glass beads; and glass beads are made into extraordinary piece of jewelry … and that means...

Autumn Leaves

be a tree for Halloween and this lovely bracelet would great on anyone’s wrist. Made with wooden buttons, seed beads and glass beads.

Autumn leaves

Be a tree for Halloween and this beautiful bracelet would look great on anyone arm.