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Editor's Choice - Thank You

I was pleasantly surprised to win the Editor’s Choice Award on my piece Family Links. Thank you very much, it is so heartwarming for my hard work to get recognized. I love doing the Chainmaille designs and never thought once that this...

Editors Choice

Thank you so much for choosing ‘My Black and Blue Neck’ for the Editors Choice, it truely humbles me, yet at the same time makes me proud that I could do something that others like as well. Again, thank you. Tammy

thank you for editors choice award for my piece

It was just a simple piece. I feel honored that you chose it. Thank you so much 😊.

Editor's Choice

Thank you for choosing my bracelet Ex’s and Oh’s for editors choice.

Editors Choice

Thank you for choosing me for Editor’s Choice today! I am humbled and honored. I love designing but most importantly I love making people feel good.

Editors Choice

Wow! Thank you! Very surprised that “leftovers” received editors choice! Always nice to be acknowledged for what we make. 😊

Editors Choice Thank You

Wow! Thank You! Immagion my surprise when I checked my email and found Water is Life is Editors Choice this week!

thank you for editors choice award

For my piece. It’s an honor to be chosen.

Thank you for Editor's Choice

Thank you so much for selecting my Peaches & Cream bracelet for Editor’s Choice. I truly appreciate it! :O)

My Jewelry Making Journey

I was laid off from my job that was going out of business. My sister suggested I take a jewelry making class with her. I was hesitant but thought it would fill some time while I continued to look for a job. Needless to say the class was...