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Jewelers.Community Theme: St. Patrick's Day

March: the time for the “wearing of the green”. Check out these St. Patrick’s Day items Now, show us the green! Post your St. Patrick’s Day creations in the comments below. TAG: St. Patrick

Collaboration Creation 1 #6: voting: Colour

EDIT: we have now chosen the theme: SEA LIFE Let’s vote Option 1 crystal clear Option 2 yellow/brown/golds Option 3 reds Option 4 greens Option 5 blues Option 6 purples Option 7 black Option 8 multi-coloured EDITED Option 9 red and...

Collaboration Creation 1 #8: and the design elements are

Theme: SEA LIFE Colours: BLUES & GREENS Technique: BEADED & STRUNG Strands: 3 Here we go!!!! The design is complete .. the rest is up to you.

Craft Fairs: Do's and Don'ts #2: Tables Clothes

After we have your table and the ever important risers, we need to cover them. There arises the next problem, what color do you choose? Should I use green or blue or yellow, maybe brown? Have you taken a stroll down to the mall and window...

Collaboration Creation 4 #4: vote on colours

theme: Mod 60’s era Colour options 1. psychedelic (doesn’t that just spark creative thinking!) 2. bright yellow, purple, electric blue, bright pink, ruby red, and electric green 3. black, white, orange and green which option do we prefer?

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the Member of the Week selection and the Editor’s Choice for my Green Agate necklace. This means a great deal to me. Again, Thanks!

How to Keep Track of Inventory #1: Numbering Your Inventory

I have a system that is used in many retail stores for my SKU’s, or stock keeping units. I use a three digit category number, followed by a four digit color number, followed by a four digit item number and ending with a two digit size...

My Jewelry Journey #1: My First Creations

My first jewelry that I made …. well, I have to stop myself right there because the first was probably bracelet made from dandelions! As I think about the beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and headpieces made from the gorgeous yellow flowers and...