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Possible to melt/make jewelry from brass shell casings

I have some brass shell casings that came from my friend’s military funeral. They were fired during the gun salute. I want to melt them down and make a brass ring from them. Is this possible?

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I have some new designs I want to share with you all.

Walnut Burl Bent Wood Ring with Blue opal center inlay hugged by twin bands of white opal. Tineo Bent Wood ring with Blue Opal, Jet Stone, and Brass Shavings Santos Rosewood Bent Wood Ring. No need for an inlay on this beauty. ...

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New to Jeweler.Community

Hello my name is Lorri Carnevale my line is called Imperfectly Beautiful Designs, I am a multi media artists but my favorite materials to work with are metal/concrete handmade fused glass. I just found that I am passionate about creating image...

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What do you do with all the weird not so great things you make?

I have a box full of stuff that just didn’t turn out right, I am thinking of making wind chimes or sun catchers with the copper brass pieces. I will often go through these things when blocked and remake them into something else. I always remove...

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BJ Rounds

Editor's Choice

I haven’t been well lately so am afraid I may have neglected to express my gratitude in receiving the honor of the Editor’s Choice Award for my creation, ‘Vintage Brass Leaf Pendant Highlights Autumn Leaves’, September 7th. This is so very...

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Soldering practice metal help

Hi all, I’ve done some limited beading in the past but I’ve always like the idea of doing some “smithing” but I’m skint so didn’t want to waste any money on silver or gold if It wasn’t for me. So when I saw some brass rods on Amazon I thought I’d...

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just saying hello

hello everyone, just stopping by to say hello. I’m new to the group and I look forward to displaying my work and seeing others. I’m a bench jeweler, I design or custom dedign and create necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles, cufflinks, headbands,...

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Wet Tumbler

Hello all! I have a question that I am hoping you all will be able to help me answer. I have a jewelry business and a Lortone Tumbler. It has worked great and I love it! However… I have been making larger pieces and more art work type pieces...

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mixed metals

Hi everyone. I do alot of mixed metal designs. I know I can use a pickle of hydrogen peroxide & sodium bisulphate to take the copper blush off my brass pieces,, but is it safe to put a combo piece of silver and brass in this same pickle?

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Diane BeJewelled Creations

Silver craft wire

Hi alll I’m new to this forum but have a question about so call non tarnish silver craft wire I have had some that has tarnished into a gold or brassy colour I was advised to get a silver cloth and that would remove the tarnish but alas no such...

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Hi, I’m CJ and I’m new here. I’m an amateur (at best) jewellery maker and more of a mixed artist and woodworker. I’ve recently set up a fairly comprehensive metal working (e.g. jewellery) shop area at home and I’m looking forward to some...

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Hello I'm new here. I make Bent wood rings and wood and resin jewelry

Hello everyone, My name is Rebecca and I have been making wood and resin jewelry for about 3 years now and just recently got into making bent wood rings. Are there any other ring makers here?

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Hi, I'm Xhuxan

Hi all! I dropped by here to participate in conversations about things like—oops! I’ve set one stone, and a prong just snapped off of the side setting, etc. Sorta low-tech right now, still on a butane torch, but looking to upgrade that soon....

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Hi y'all

Hi y’all, I am new to the group and I’m excited to talk, listen, help and post. I’m a mother of two and Nana of two, and they all take a lot of my time. I’m also home on disability. I have RA, Fibromyalgia and Osteoporosis. I started making...