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Wire gauges?

Hi – I’m fairly new to wire working. I enjoy working with thicker gauges. I’m finding that the copper wire I’ve been buying [from Amazon] is often times a smaller gauge than what I’ve ordered. For instance: I ordered 16 gauge copper wire and it...

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Greg Smith

Celtic Pattern Wire?

Hi, does anyone know of a source for pattern wire (silver or copper) that has a Celtic knot pattern? The closest I’ve been able to find is a rope pattern.

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Andy B

Greetings from Northern Ontario

With this years cold weather I find it hard to get into my woodworking shop. Ever since I quit smoking (Seven months ago, yaaaaw) I needed something else to do… So, I watch a few hundred hours of You Tube to find … jewelry making, that is...

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Tammy Byrd

Wire Wrapped Bolo

Today a friend and I got together and wire wrapped some Bolos, I have copywritten the slide idea. We created the slide and the wrap so it is all made at the same time. Here is my prototype: Here is the finished bolo: Front Back

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A quick introduc

Hello, my name is Mary. I am a jewellery artisan from Canada. I have been making jewellery since about 2005 but took a break for several years after my 3rd/4th child were born. I’ve been gradually increasing my creations over the last year after...