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Debbie Pribele

Collaborations & Challenges

(Thanks to the Team for creating this forum, so we can keep track of our collaborations and challenges). What’s a Collaboration? For a collaboration, we vote on a theme, colour combinations and other elements and, then, we create our own,...

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Wire Guardians

I was looking for a specific size that will accommodate a 49 Strand Beading Wire .018 and bought the wrong size. The size I bought is 0.022" diameter. I wrote to the seller and she said I will need to get a larger size. She doesn’t have any...

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Cotton Cord

I just bought a spool of black cotton cord, 100 % cotton. Are there specific type of cord ends to use or does it matter?

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New here (sort of)

I had joined awhile back and created my profile but never got around to introduce myself. My name is Delilah and I live in Florida. I never had interest in jewelry making until recently. I love creating but very new to this type of craft. So...

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Stretchy Cord

Two questions: What size stretchy cord should we use for lava rocks that measures 8mm? What brand products do you use?