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Dyed beads

For those of you who use dyed beads, could you please share your method of sealing them? I tried using a paintbrush, but the sealer didn’t get distributed everywhere. Now I’m using a paint sponge and the coverage is more complete, but it isn’t...

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Call for Referrals advice needed

Hello. As a formally educated artist, I have been such for over 30 years; first as a photo-realist painter, then a porcelain sculptor and now a jeweler.Never a success (in my terms). Since I don’t work in foundry, with solid gold or Sterling, my...

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Edward Bristol

For us it always begins with a stone

In our little niche of untreated gems, almost all jewelry projects start with the stone in hand. My customers decide on the stone first, and then ask ‘How shall we set it?’. That itself is probably not common, is it? I imagine for most members...

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Cindy A.

HELP! Finding Alexandrite

I have a bald spot from tearing my hair out trying to find drilled alexandrite beads, so I am putting this out here hoping someone may be able to help me. I have several tiny, tiny grey-green natural alexandrite beads I’ve managed to get in...

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Annah Kay

New as well!

Hello everyone ☺ I am Annah, and a friend shared this site on facebook today. So glad she did. I am relatively new to jewelry making itself, although I have spent a number of years cutting & forming cabs for other designs under my mother’s...

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Sarah Lane

Prototype Eleven Crown

I wanted to share this with you this is the first time I have ever tried anything like this but my friend in California is getting married next year and asked me to make her a Eleven crown to go with her wedding dress this is what I came up...

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Hi my name is Deborah and I love making jewelry, especially bracelets. I moved to FL from Ohio in 2004 to get away from the cold and snow. I do not miss it. I have 2 dogs, a cat, and a husband. I have always liked doing crafts but making jewelry...

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Help with a beaded bezel

About a year ago I decided that I wanted to focus on one style of beading instead of beading random pieces out of random beads. I want to bead pendents and such by putting beaded bezels around Rivolis’ and cabochons. Through out the year I have...

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I need jewelry scanning service

Once we have designed a piece of jewelry in wax, and then cast it in metal, we wont to have it scanned so that we can print it out the with our 3d printer, and, of course have the STL file for future use. So: We are looking for a company that...

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Jean Bruce

beadalon bangle bracelet weaver kit

Has anyone used the beadalon bangle bracelet weaver kit, if so is it worth buying I seen it on JTV today and thought it was pretty cool but wanted opinions on what you guys thought Thanks

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Beading Retreat, anyone?

I am an avid birdwatcher. Many years ago, several of us who belong to a birding forum, got together for a birding retreat during spring migration, in Corpus Christi, Texas, and the whole South Texas & Texas / Mexican border vicinity. It was a...

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kimberly newman


Just wanted to say hello to everyone! Today is my first day and really like what I have seen so far. Beautiful jewelry everyone!