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What is the best wire for floating necklaces

Hello I am new to jewelry making, and would love to know what is the best wire to use for floating necklaces and elastic bracelets. Thank you

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The Asymmetrical Necklace...... Would you fiddle with it or not?

I am new to Jewelers.Community and have just uploaded my first creation. Its a Turquoise Howlite Asymmetrical Necklace but my daughter who is a bit OCD said that she’d keep trying to straighten it up if she were to wear it. Any one else have...

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Looking for free swinging pearl necklace pendant

I know my explanation is likely not correct, but I’ve been trying to locate a diy style pendant that I can add in resin spheres to. I wanted something that surrounds the pearl/bead, but the pearl to be free from the bail or rest of the pendant...

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Unable to find info on a necklace.

Hoping someone here can help. I got this in a bag of cheap jewelry from our thrift store. It was black, I cleaned it up. It’s 925, but it’s unique and would like to find if there is history on it. Thanks! Also found this one from Birks

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To The Moon And Back Cage MOM(MUM) Necklace Platinum Plated

“Love you to the moon and back” necklace, give you the most loved one, tell her that you love her.This Moon Cage allows space for up to 1-8 heart birthstones to make the ring even more special! Choose Mum or Mom ,It is best gift for mother....

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3.5mm Byzantine necklace

Hi guys. I’ve always loved Byzantine jewelry. I’ve decided I want to make a necklace in sterling silver one for myself. I have a basic understanding of the weave (thanks to YouTube) but I don’t understand aspect ratio. I want to make a 3.5mm...

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Help me find this pendant please!

I saw this necklace at Target and wanted to recreate. I cannot think of the right words to search for this type of pedant and cannot find anything like just looking at jewelry making supply websites. Any help in locating this kind of pendant is...

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Hi...I'm new and developing several different products...

Liquidating bulk necklaces with some flaws due to upgrading.. Please message or email for photos or if you just want to talk!!! I’m retired and loving this new hobby!!!Send me photos if you want…love to see what you’re doing and any insights...

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Sarah Lane

How did you start making jewellery

As I stated in my introduction to myself I started making jewellery over six years ago as a way of raising money for the dance school my daughter attended for a dance production they were putting on. I have tried my hand at other crafts like...

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I have to laugh.....

I volunteer for a particular conservation group and we are having our banquet this Saturday. We have silent auctions, live auctions and general raffles and we get quite a large crowd. When I first joined I donated a couple of necklaces for the...

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What a great idea this is!

Hello! I just got started here. I am very impressed with everybody’s work and kindness towards each other. This is a terrific community. Can you help me solve a technique dilemma? I am going to make a spiral choker from pearls and bicones and...

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Sheila A.


I’ve been making jewelry for many years. The wonderful thing called the Internet lets me share, so here I am. Once, I even had the opportunity for a custom necklace to be worn my a main character on a very popular tv show! My daughter, Annah...

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Madalynne Homme

Ugly Beads

Have you ever bought ugly beads and made something beautiful? Please post and share. This will be fun! I will share mine in a day or two. Sold the ugly bead necklace so have to see if I can retrieve the picture lol!!!

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BAJ Designs

Just arrived...

Hello everyone: I’ve been here two days now and I found I really like this place! The ease of posting my wares is wonderful. The site is extremely user-friendly and minimizes the time it takes me to list my stuff. I have been a beader since...

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Hello all ~ I just joined the site yesterday (& loving it! :) ) and now I have a quick question. I just wanted to list a second creation, and noticed that the description field contains the description of my first necklace. Is that a glitch,...

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Debbie Pribele

Looking for tips .. re: clay

Having discovered Essential Oils, I wanted to create a clay necklace that could be used as a diffuser. A little research led me to clay … and then to this Has anyone used clay to make jewelry (and/or necklace diffusers) and any tips?

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Cindy A.

HELP! Finding Alexandrite

I have a bald spot from tearing my hair out trying to find drilled alexandrite beads, so I am putting this out here hoping someone may be able to help me. I have several tiny, tiny grey-green natural alexandrite beads I’ve managed to get in...

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Debbie Pribele

Basics: Fasteners

I’m not much of a jewelry-maker but I dabble. Today, when I saw FiveR’s Treasures’ owl necklace made with an old guitar string (see link below), I thought .. hmm I can get my hands on strings but how do you fasten it… and then I thought … “HOW...

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Newbie - and a little scared!

Hello to all! My name is Carole, and I have been making jewellery for about a year, on and off! I have got into it a bit more seriously this year and opened an Etsy shop about a month ago. I mainly do beading, as i find old necklaces, take...

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Kia Ora from New Zealand

Hey all, New here as of tonight. I’m just getting started with making jewellery. Setting up my work area in our new home this week. I have made some chokers, earrings, woven wax cord bracelets and a couple of necklaces before we moved from the...