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Wandering Rock Designs

Looking for a supplier for Gold

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good supplier for gold, wire and findings/settings. I already purchase silver from Rio Grande, but I recall someone telling me that they bought their gold as well as solder somewhere else. At...

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Hello from NY state

Hi all, my name is Gene and I only do forged and soldered construction jewelry from silver and gold. I also cut and polish most of the semi-precious stones I use in my jewelry. I have been doing this off and on for forty some years and only got...

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Soldering practice metal help

Hi all, I’ve done some limited beading in the past but I’ve always like the idea of doing some “smithing” but I’m skint so didn’t want to waste any money on silver or gold if It wasn’t for me. So when I saw some brass rods on Amazon I thought I’d...

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Minimum needed to make plain rings

Hello, I have been watching some videos of folks making rings online. I’m interested in making some silver rings. Here is what I’ve seen online. 1. Melt silver in crucible and pour into mold 2. Remove melted material and run through a rolling...

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Fix weld holes

Hello, I am new in jewelry and I am facing some problems in my creations. I work with silver, and in my welds always appear porosity and holes between the parts that are being welded. I try to leave the areas of contact as sanded and together...

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Gas gauge

Hello people, I am a trainee jeweller, to be honest I am fairly ok with my ability but there is something that I think I might need help with. Whilst I am only working with Silver, this is great to learn but now my tutor has said he will...