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Debbie Pribele

TIPS: Fixing A Mistake

What are your tips/strategies and questions for when you make a mistake during the jewelry-making process?

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Debbie Pribele

TIPS: Pattern

Where do you begin when starting the creation of piece of jewelry? paper design? or …

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Debbie Pribele

TIPS: Storage

What are your TIPS re: beads and supply stash storage?

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Debbie Pribele

Looking for tips .. re: clay

Having discovered Essential Oils, I wanted to create a clay necklace that could be used as a diffuser. A little research led me to clay … and then to this Has anyone used clay to make jewelry (and/or necklace diffusers) and any tips?

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How do you buy a perfect engagement rings,here have some tips

Take some time and consider what you want in an engagement ring and more importantly what your bride will want. You may have discussed rings before and if you haven’t, ask around! Consider talking to one of her friends and get some ideas from...

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Debbie Pribele

Skill Sharing: Earrings

Share your tips, tutorials, questions, and support … regarding the creation of earrings. What have you learned from your experiences and your research?

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Debbie Pribele

Basics: Fasteners

I’m not much of a jewelry-maker but I dabble. Today, when I saw FiveR’s Treasures’ owl necklace made with an old guitar string (see link below), I thought .. hmm I can get my hands on strings but how do you fasten it… and then I thought … “HOW...

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Debbie Pribele

Basics: Customer Preferences

What are customers looking for? Cindy caught my attention (on the creation posted below) when she wrote: “The last show I was at there was a lot of interest in this sort of jewelry. So I like to keep my customers happy!” Also, recently, I was...

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Beading Retreat, anyone?

I am an avid birdwatcher. Many years ago, several of us who belong to a birding forum, got together for a birding retreat during spring migration, in Corpus Christi, Texas, and the whole South Texas & Texas / Mexican border vicinity. It was a...

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kimberly newman

Make a Wish Earring Tutorial!

Here you go Chris and anyone else who wants to try these. Supplies: Two 4 inch pieces of 16 gauge artistic wire. Two 3 inch pieces of 24 gauge wire. Two top drilled beads. Eight mini teardrop beads. Tools: hammer, anval or steel block,...

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Annah Kay

New as well!

Hello everyone ☺ I am Annah, and a friend shared this site on facebook today. So glad she did. I am relatively new to jewelry making itself, although I have spent a number of years cutting & forming cabs for other designs under my mother’s...

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Looking for free swinging pearl necklace pendant

I know my explanation is likely not correct, but I’ve been trying to locate a diy style pendant that I can add in resin spheres to. I wanted something that surrounds the pearl/bead, but the pearl to be free from the bail or rest of the pendant...

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Newbie - and a little scared!

Hello to all! My name is Carole, and I have been making jewellery for about a year, on and off! I have got into it a bit more seriously this year and opened an Etsy shop about a month ago. I mainly do beading, as i find old necklaces, take...

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Hi there, newbie here!

Hi, I just came across this site when I was on my facebook page. Clicked on it and I immediately thought that I needed to join. I’ve been a jewelry for about 15 years now. Started out as a hobby by taking a classes at the local bead store. After...

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Becca Ross

I thought I would love lindstroms

So, lured by the big name, I unknowingly bought an inferior make of lindstrom. Apparently they have a line out for those people who want to have the name but don’t want to pay the price of the Rx series.. you know the one with the molded grip,...

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Hello everyone i am Lina Ammari from Pearlina Jewelry, USA. I am hoping to get and share tips and suggestions on jewelry.

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Designs By Southernbelle

Wire working

I have been making jewelry for 11 years almost 12 and I am looking into adding wire working into my designs. What are some good tips I need to know about the type of wire or tools you prefer? Is it absolutely necessary to purchase a hammer...

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Fran Gold


Well I now have two fairs under my belt. The first one in Ohio was ok but not nearly as profitable as I had hoped. My first juried fair was excellent! I was so excited to talk to people about my work and at the same time sell, sell, sell! I...

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Hi, I’m Mary Orellana, my nickname is GiveawayJewelry. Thank you for allowing me to be on this site, and I hope we can exchange information about jewellery, my specialty is the jewellery with natural pieces, I use the Tagua and hope we can...

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Custom Jewelry expectations

I wanted to see If people in the industry could give me some perspective on design expectations and common industry practices. For Christmas I had a custom piece of jewelry made that consisted of a pendant and 10 – .25 ct diamonds set in a...