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Hello everyone ☺
I am Annah, and a friend shared this site on facebook today. So glad she did.
I am relatively new to jewelry making itself, although I have spent a number of years cutting & forming cabs for other designs under my mother’s shop. But I wanted to branch out and have been working with wire-wrapping and of course beads for about 5 months.

I look forward to tips & idea swapping! Thank you to the site for being here.


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6 Replies

Martin Sojka ...

Welcome Annah :)

Annah Kay ...

Thanks Martin :)

kimberly newman ...

So glad you joined Annah! Love the way your name is spelled by the way!

Annah Kay ...

Thank you Kimberly! And thanks about my name, it’ll make my mom smile 😊 I lost about an hour today looking at your beautiful pieces.

kimberly newman ...

Awww how sweet! Thank you!

Brandswife Creations ...

Hi Annah, welcome to the group I look forward to seeing your work.