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I am doing some Craft fairs later in the year! Most of the jewellery is done – although I know i will never have enough – so thoughts turn to displaying it all to the best advantage!

I would like your feedback on the pic! I just “threw” the earrings on last night so does this work? Or do I go for a more co-ordinated look? By colour? By style?

Thanks for your input!!

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racergurl64 ...

And any ideas for novel ways to display necklaces would be good too!!!

Brandswife Creations ...

Hi Racergurl, IMO I would say it looks a little ‘busy’ by colour coordinating them people will be able to find something they like, most people have a favourite colour.

racergurl64 ...

Thanks Brandswife!

I rearranged them all into colours, and ended up with a spare"hoop" so I guess I need to make a couple more!!! And you were right, it looks a lot better

groovygrammy ...

Also remember they will probably only be looking at one side since you will more than likely have a table facing them. If your rack does not turn, it might make it hard to see ?

racergurl64 ...

Thanks Groovygranny – love the name!!

No its doesn’t turn, but it can be adapted so it does!!

Tammy Byrd ...

Put it on a small turn table like the ones for organizing your spices, but make sure that it will not topple over when spun, maybe weight it down around the base.

As far as novel ways to display your
necklaces and bracelets, it depends on
the overall look for your booth, you can try vases or pitchers, books, branches from a bush or tree, even planks of wood
work. You can try making something
yourself out of foam core and batting and
material or just a
stained plank of wood with notches for the chains works. There are lots of ideas on pinterest, I would try looking there, just do a search
for jewelry displays.

Are your shows going to be outdoors or indoors? If they are outdoors, do you have anything to weight your tent down with, just incase of wind? I have some ideas.

Remember though, you want your booth to have a cohesive look, not too hodge podge or thrown together. Use an element, such as wire, your earring display. Pick a color black, white, ivory. Pick a style, modern, eclectic, antique, clean. Then try to coodinate everything from there.

Beat of luck,

racergurl64 ...

Thanks Tammy!
I am trying to do mainly indoor ones – too old now to stand outside all day! Did enough of that when I was marshalling motorsport!!
I have photographed my necklaces on extra large pine cones, so could use those I suppose! Will have to have a play around and see what looks best! I like the plank of wood idea!!
Thanks again

Tammy Byrd ...

Welcome. Do you want to see photos of the ones I made? I could attach a photo.

racergurl64 ...

yes please that would be great!!

Tammy Byrd ...

Not much to them but they look nice.

racergurl64 ...

They are brill!!!

Given me some ideas now!!

Thanks for that!

Tammy Byrd ...

You can hang bracelets, like in the photo, or earrings and I hang my pendants on them as well. I used 1×12′s, they are 22" tall. So out of a 4′×12″×1″ board you will get one fixture.

Tammy Byrd ...

Kind of like this. This is four feet of board
I / | | |
I side / | | |
I / | back |front
I / side | | |
I / | | |
I / | | |
2" 20" 20" 2"

Palak Mehta ...

nice jewellery collection !

Anna B ...

Hey you got nice and brilliant collection.