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I had joined awhile back and created my profile but never got around to introduce myself. My name is Delilah and I live in Florida. I never had interest in jewelry making until recently. I love creating but very new to this type of craft. So bare with me if I ask a lot of questions and post some pictures of what I made. I work nights at a hospital and during the day and days off, I find myself glued to the crafting table. Some pieces takes me forever to make. Some I cut up and start over because I’m not happy with the results. Bad habit is buying and buying and buying more supplies then needed. LOL That’s it for now and hope to make some friends and learn as I go. Blessed Be =i=


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Jean Bruce ...

Hi Delilah!
Welcome to the group, I have the same problem about buying supplies and not using them and I just keep buying more, I’m sure we’re not the only ones that do this. Please show some of your creations

Sarah Lane ...

Hi Delilah looking forward to seeing your work I think we all have the same problem of buying more and more supplies. Blessed Be )0(

Delilah ...

Blessed Be, Sarah! )O(

Brandswife Creations ...

Hi Delilah, I look forward to seeing your work.

kimberly newman ...

Welcome Delilah! Hope to see your work soon. Questions are not a problem on this site. Everyone is so nice to answer if they know the answer. Have a great day!