Looking for free swinging pearl necklace pendant

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I know my explanation is likely not correct, but I’ve been trying to locate a diy style pendant that I can add in resin spheres to. I wanted something that surrounds the pearl/bead, but the pearl to be free from the bail or rest of the pendant part? (Sorry all the terms are still new to me.) Can anyone help? I’m hoping to find these in bulk. Thanks in advance for any tips.


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milkandhoney13 ...

Bump. Anyone have an ideas what I might search for to find some pendant/bails that might give me the result I’m hoping for?

Brandswife Creations ...

Not sure what you mean but maybe something like a caged bead would be what you are looking for. They are simple to make. Here are some links to You Tube that might help.

milkandhoney13 ...

Thank you so much for the response. I am looking for something more like this, than a bead cage.


Bejeweled Lady ...

I don’t know if you found what you need, but maybe you could use open links and wire wrap the bead to hang from the top. Here are 2 options – the round link has a whole at top and bottom to run the wire through.

Sharon ...

Hello, all. How about queen pink purple pearl pendant? Now you can find lots of online stores for the pendant. Check Timeless pearl store. this is one of my favorite jewelry store. Hope you will get your pendant there. Thank you.