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Hi all,

I need to replace some of my very worn out tools. I need new cutters, flat, chain nose and round pliers, etc. Before I buy anything, I’d like to get some feedback from all of you.

Do you have a favorite brand that you use or do you mix and match?

Also, do you have a favorite tool that makes your work faster and easier? I just bought a jump ring opener and don’t know how I lived without it before!

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Terrie ...

I have a mixture. I recently inherited some really nice tools from a friend, who is a retired electronics engineer, and gave me some of her very nice, fine tip tools. They’re all European brands: Italian, Swiss, German precision Instruments. Quite expensive, though. As I said, they were given to me, and I love them and couldn’t appreciate her more for giving them to me.

Cheryl Lojewski ...

I’m with you Terri, as I have a mixture of tools, too. I had found a great pair of fine tip cutters (Fiskars), but they evidently don’t make them any more….I can’t find them any where! I keep looking for something to replace them, but no luck. One of my newest tools that I love are the Beadsmith Magical Bead Crimper. You can make a cute little bead out of the crimps. Takes a bit longer, but they give a more finished look without crimp covers.

Bejeweled Lady ...

Thanks ladies. I’m having a hard time finding good quality tools in the craft stores. Guess I’ll look online.

Terrie ...

I use Xuron cutters, for my fine cutters (thread & VERY fine wire, two different pairs). Got them on Amazon, $8-9 per pair. And I label them, “wire” & “thread”! LOL!
For my heavier gauge wire, I use cheapo side cutters, that I buy at Harbor Freight, for $1.39 a pair! I can replace them easily when they go dull and get nicks in them from heavier wire. I also have another thread cutter, that I also bought on Amazon, that are called Nippers. I know Fiskars makes and still carries those, and the ones I bought on Amazon are made by Wiss, which is a good name for scissors and cutting tools.
I use a battery operated thread burner that is made by Berkeley (same people who make Fireline!) which I also bought on Amazon, and it’s great for burning your thread when you’re finished. It makes a hard little knot at the end of the thread, kind of melted, so your thread doesn’t pull out after you’ve woven through the beads and finished your piece.

Bejeweled Lady ...

Thanks Terrie, I appreciate the links. I’ll check Amazon for other tools too!

Cheryl Lojewski ...

Terrie, funny you mentioned the Xuron cutters….I just bought a pair about a week ago. Unfortunately they didn’t work out too well for me. But, as I was looking at the links you provided for other tools, I came across another pair of cutters, Hakko CHP-170 ( Got them today and they are pretty sweet….better cut than the Xuron’s I have. Still not as fine tipped as the Fiskars, but had nice blades.

Terrie ...

Ooooh! I have seen videos on YouTube, with people using those cutters. I’ll have to try them, next time I need a pair. Thanks for the tip!

Cheryl Lojewski ...

BTW, I forgot to mention in the other post….they are less than $5 on Amazon!

Terrie ...

Yah, I had checked your link above, and saw that price! Pretty decent! Thanks, Cheryl!

Madalynne Homme ...

I use Wubber brand as some of my tools. I have cheapo tools too. But still like my cheapo roundnose pliers. When it comes to flush cutters……..spend the bucks and get a good pair. If you are cutting anything above a 18ga wire, you need a quality flush cutter. Expect to spend about $50. You can get away with cheap tools, but not a good wire flush cutter. Some of the cheaper brands are ok to use on 18ga or less, but lest you make the mistake of cutting anything harder, you will nick your blade and thus, a pair of cutters ruined. Trust me………..ruined lots! LOL! I used to teach wire wrapping techniques and one of the things I always told my students is spend the money for a good pair of wire cutters. You want a pair that can cut up to 16ga. Most will tell you what gauges of wire it can cut safely. Other than wire cutters, your ok to use cheaper tools. I once bought a set of zebra tools at a bead show……….and to my astonishment, the round nose pliers were not round! Good luck and happy beading!

Brandswife Creations ...

My favorite tool atm is the Beadsmith One Step Looper. Wouldn’t be without it.
as I have Arthritis in my hands it saves a lot of wear and tear on my hands.