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Happy Friday! I have been making earrings for about 2 months now and I’m excited to say that I made my first sales today! But that isn’t why I’m posting this. I bought my round nose pliers from Hobby Lobby and I’m already having issues. First of all, loops kick my butt. I really spend a lot of time on them. And now my round nose pliers are wonky. When I start to make a loop, the pliers don’t stay together. Instead, one side shifts so they’re off-center. That throws my loop off and I really have to manipulate it. I know I need to get a better pair, but I would like some recommendations on brands.

Also, I saw that there are pliers available that automatically make loops. I am considering buying a pair, but there seem to be multiple sizes, so it’s very confusing. All assistance is appreciated! Thanks :)


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Madalynne Homme ...

Don’t fret! Sometimes cheapy round nose pliers work, but sometimes they don’t as you are experiencing. Wubber is a good brand of tools when your ready to spend a bit more. You are going to use your round nose plier more than any other plier. But I really feel you can buy another pair of round nose pliers cheaply at JoAnns or Michaels. My go to round nose plier is a really cheap pair, but I love em. My advice it is not to go with pliers that make loops……you need to learn to do it the old fashion way first. It’ll make you a more experienced artist. And there is just somethings you cannot skip in the design process.

Kim ...

Thanks for the advice Madalynne! I want to buy a quality pair of round nose this time, so I will check into Wubber.

Cheryl Lojewski ...

Hi Kim! First of all welcome! I’m with Madalynne on this one. I think it’s best to get proficient making loops before you try the One-step Looper. I use both, but tend to use the pliers more. The Looper isn’t a bad tool, but it takes some practice getting the loops to look nice, in my opinion anyway. As with just about anything, practice makes perfect! Just keep working at it. When I started beading I used a thinner gauge wire to practice looping and wrapping until I developed a technique that was good for me. If you haven’t already, check out some online videos for making loops. I’m pretty sure Fire Mountain Gems and Beadaholique have some tutorials. Good luck and happy beading!

Kim ...

Thanks Cheryl! I spend a LOT of time on Fire Mountain Gems’ web site, so I’ve looked at a lot of their tutorials. I will keep practicing for sure!

Designs By Southernbelle ...

I used beadalon pliers when I started 11 years ago and was very happy with them. You could buy them at michaels Last year I decided I would upgrade and invest in a good set of tools so I replaced all my old equipment with lindstrom pliers and absolutely love them. They are very pricey but worth every bit I spent on them plus I my hands do not get fatigued so quickly now. I have heard good things about softflex tools as well.