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I love to bead . Some people say I have a serious problem . But if I don’t run out of beads there’s no problem right ?

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Michal Bulla ...

Haha, you are right :)

Terrie ...

Good point, Cindy! My beading is my “therapy”, I tell my husband. He just rolls his eyes when I put in another bead order. He doesn’t mind… enjoys watching me create & stay busy. I’ve gotten my daughter hooked on it now too. I have enough beads to keep us both happy for a long time! LOL!

Robin Harwell ...

Funny how you can have tons of beads and never have that one color you want to work with. My beads have their own walk in closet. Its prolly the only truly organized room in the house. Beading is my therapy and my habit all in one. I think its the same for all beaders.

Joanne ...

Haha, that’s very true Cindy. I have tons of beads most of which i have bought simply because I liked them or I’ve seen them on sale at one of the online stores I use and hiw annoying is it Robin, when you come up with in idea or see something that inspires your creativity and you don’t gave the right coloured beads. I really need to organise my beads properly becayse it’s more organised chaos at the moment. Beading is most definitely my therapy, I find I can simply lose myself for hours on end whilst beading and mostly become totally oblivious to what’s going on around me.

Cindy Day ...

I’m always missing the right color in the right size . I organize every time I finish a project but then as soon as I start another it’s again chaos . My hubby doesn’t say much about the expense . Because I like some others , stopped smoking and started beading . What used to be cigarette money has become beading money . I have a rolling cart with different bead containers , pretty much all the tools I need and a small set of drawers that has all my threads glue and other accessories . My dining room table is unusable 99% of the time -it’s for beading as far as I’m concerned .Lol

Terrie ...

I sacrificed my guest room to make my hobby room. My beading table, about 5’ long, has shelves above it for all my bead storage containers, and the table itself has tool holders, my beading pads, etc. Another section of the room is my sewing area. I find I don’t sew as much as I used to, now that I bead most of the time. Spring weather has finally arrived her, so I’m outside more, now, instead of inside the house with my nose stuck in a beading project. I also have a very nice traveling kit, and always have it loaded with something for when we travel or just get up and go on a moment’s notice. The girl’s ready! LOL!
The rolling cart idea sounds like a good one, Cindy! Could be very useful for a lot of people, depending on what their needs are and the layout of their homes.