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Hi guys, I’m looking for advice. I recently got married and me and my wife have matching silver and black rings, the only problem is on my ring the black “ink” has come off, my wife is still perfect.

The ring is silver with with a channel that runs around the ring the kind of like a spring design, the black ink fills the channel giving a nice effect (until the ink turns back to liquid and runs out). I’m basically left with a silver ring with a channel round it that looks a bit odd. I’ve recently filled the channel with tiger seal (a black rubbery) glue used on cars, it looked fantastic for about 2 weeks but alas now that is coming off too.

Anyone got any ideas for a more permanent solution?


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zippyjohn ...

This is ring just after I’d done the black.

JJohnsmithjs ...

With the time silver jewelry starts tarnishing.Generally, this happens due to chemical reaction with moisture and sulfur present in the air.
We can’t stop this action but can slow down this process in some ways.
1. Cleaning and polishing:
To prevent body oil and lotion build up on your jewelry, clean and polish and remove all oils from your jewelry with a soft cloth when undressing to keep it looking beautiful.Or wash it in soapy warm water and dry it thoroughly.
2. Storage:
Jewelry tarnishes much faster if it’s left out in the open and exposed to oxygen. To avoid this, you may store it in an acid-free, closed container.
3. Avoid exposing to chemicals:
Avoid your jewelry being in contact with sea salt, chemicals, alcohol, fruit acid, vinegar, and chlorine, e.g. swimming pools or hot tubs.

Thank you

Melly ...

I would actually ‘create’ tarnish…a match head piece of liver of sulfur in a quarter cup hot-ish water or use patina gel…dip the piece (which you’ve cleaned thoroughly) using plastic tweezers into the warm will become black…wash off…then dry and polish…the raised parts will return to silver coloured but the grooves will be black with patina.