Newbie seeking help - looking for something no one else seems to have.

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Hello everyone!! A couple weeks ago, I found “the one”. The one was a necklace that, from the moment I saw it, has haunted my dreams and plagued my every day thoughts. Since the price tag of the necklace was wildly unaffordable, I began seeking to recreate it in its entirety.

Weeks later, and I feel myself becoming hopeless. I have been seeking two vital components for this necklace this entire time and not a single person has it.

I’m hoping that I can find someone that will be willing to create these components for me, or find someone actually selling them. Would you guys know anyone who would sell or make 3mm rose gold filled cubic zirconia bezel connectors and drops (jeez that’s a mouthful)? I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate it!


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Robyn ...

I buy allot of my materials from fire moutain gems and beads, hope they have what your looking for