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I am new on this site and I just love it. I am looking forward to meeting new people that understands the habit of a jewelry maker. When you make jewelry, everything is a chore. Is this gift from the devil? How many beads can you have? All I do is make jewelry and take care of my autistic son. Jewelry has become my other boyfriend. I make so much jewelry, He is ready to divorce me and we are not even married. Lol! But at the end it’s worth it because he loves what I do. The problem is getting it all in order? Who has time for that? lol… But anyways, I also knit scarves. I need immediate gratification, I have to be able to see and end, quick. But life is good and jewelry making is greater! Enjoy your day. My website is

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Marta ...

Welcome! I love your color usage and I visited your site…fun!
You will like everyone here, they are helpful and friendly and love to create like yourself!

Debbie Pribele ...

you crack me up … haha.
“my other boyfriend” << love it!!

Deboracadabrah ...

I got so caught up in jewelry making that I took several months away from my Etsy shop. Now I’m getting the itch again. My main problem is that after we relocated to AZ, my workroom set up is not good in the room it’s in. So when I tried to organize to move to another room, I reached the “bomb went off” stage and fled! Must get back on track!

Jewelryonthego ...

I know that bomb went off feeling lol. Just do little by little. There’s nothing like buying new beads for a little extra motivation.

Becca Ross ...

I totally get that. I am also very very driven to create. I don’t feel right if I can’t have something that my hands are working on lol

Jewelryonthego ...

Yes, Becca Ross I can’t stop making things lol. I think about beads all day. A constant reminder, I need to make money, but I’m always buying beads. lol.