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With this years cold weather I find it hard to get into my woodworking shop. Ever since I quit smoking (Seven months ago, yaaaaw) I needed something else to do…
So, I watch a few hundred hours of You Tube to find … jewelry making, that is something I can do in the house, besides I have made rings out of coins and bolts.
I started with paracord, and copper bracelets, now I’m trying out wire weaving. And I’m also staying warm.
Cheers. :)


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Debbie Pribele ...

hi “neighbour” (southwestern Ontario, here)

Welcome to our community and to jewelry-making! (Congrats on the non-smoking wellness).

Diane ...

Hi! :)

Marta ...

Hi, Andy! Welcome and congratulations on the quitting smoking! Hard thing to do…I used the patch off and on for about two years and last year I decided enough was enough and quit cold turkey on March 2, 2016. I’ve gone a whole year! (But, I still miss it. 😞). Looking forward to your creations!

tidssss ...

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