How did you learn to make jewelry?

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Hello all,
I’m interested in learning how to make jewelry. Actually charms and pendants.

How did you guys start?
Did you go to college?
Is there a difference between jewelry making and pendant making?

Sorry just starting out and thought I’d ask here.

Thank you.


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shaunlee ...

The very first thing I did was take a class at a bead store. I wanted to see if I enjoyed beading a necklace before I spent lots of money on supplies and tools. Most bead stores have lots of classes available for not a lot of money. Good luck.

coolerchick ...

Thanks! Just found one that does that very thing. Will check in with updates.

CraftyLady ...

Library books, online tutorials, good old Google, and blogs like this one! I am very self-taught and there are lots of resources for any type of jewelry making that you are interested in.

Cheryl Lojewski ...

Started out by taking a continuing ed class for wire wrapping at one of our local colleges. Then took more classes at some local bead shops for stringing or beading. Now I mostly look for online tutorials or on Pintrest. Good luck with your new adventure!

Jean Bruce ...

Started by taking a class at local bead store and several years later still learning and taking classes

coolerchick ...

So took my first class today. Made a bead bracelet. Interesting. I like it. She did most of it tho and I will have to practice. Will be taking wire wrapping and knotting (?) but I do need to do online tutorials to learn.

When you guys say online tutorials – youtube? Or a specif one in mind.