How to put beads on these pre-bent earring wires

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I bought these earring wire that are already bent, thinking it would be easy to make some quick beaded earrings. However, I can’t figure out how you get beads on the wire! The wire is pretty thick and not really bendable, so the “bend” doesn’t allow beads to go on the wire. The picture I found online has beads on them but I don’t know how they did it. Any ideas?

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CraftyLady ...

I took this picture which I think better shows my dilemma…

kimberly newman ...

Hi Craftylady, in order to use the ones you have you need to straighten the curve a little on the top wire so beads will slide over. Use smooth chain nose pliers, place it directly on the curve and squeeze gently to straighten and round nose pliers to bend back in shape. Go slow and you should have no problem. The photo on the top are handmade where you slide the beads on the wire before you hammer the end to flatten the wire after you slip the beads on. Hope this helps!