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Hello, Amanda here. I have been playing around with wire wrapping and looking for other folks who do the same to “learn” a few things. :)
Hope you are all having a great day.



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AshleyNYC ...

HI, Ashley here. I am also searching around with no idea of what to do, but I finally decide to read about jewelry & diamonds. Hope to have all this here.
Hope you have a great day.

Wandering Rock Designs ...

Hi Amanda,
I picked up a few books from the craft store to learn some new techniques. I started off wire wrapping basic twists, I started a blob about it here, and learned different styles through classes and books/magazines. There’s lots of YouTube videos, but it’s easier to have a physical reference instead of pausing/rewinding all the time.

I started by learning a figure 8, figured this out on my own

I then learned how to do a Viking knit from a video

I picked up a book “fine art wire weaving” by sarah thompson and learned some amazing techniques
Modified Soumak weave

and Fern Leaf weave with a figure 8 double bail