Minimum weight for gold ring (grams)?

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Hi all,

New to the forum. Been a jewelry junkie for several years now. I buy a lot of jewelry for both my personal collection and friends and family. I am fairly knowledgeable, but always itching to learn more. Anyway, quick question for those more wise than me…

I recently purchased a 14k gold ring. It features 9 marquise cut diamonds (VS2/G/1.0 TCW). I paid $250-300 for it, and it will be shipped to me from a reputable online estate wholesaler. My only concern is that the total weight for the gold is 2.3 grams…meaning the gold metal probably weighs closer to 2.0-2.1 grams. I weighed my other similar 14k rings and they all weighed between 3.0-6.0 grams. So, this will my lightest ring by a pretty fair margin.

Will this ring be very weak and prone to breaking? Is a 2.0 gram gold ring fairly common? Are my concerns valid at all? Any comments, concerns or critiques are welcome! Thank you for your time.

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