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I was in the craft store and I saw this tool, the 1-step Looper. It was $32, which seems like a lot of money for a hand-held tool to loop wire…but I bought it because I suck at looping and habitually do it wrong. I’m just wondering if anyone else has ever used one and if so whether you think it was worth it?


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Becca Ross ...

I have one and I use it occasionally when I have more than a few loops to make by hand. You paid a lot for it. More than I did, that’s for sure. Mine was under $20. It takes a bit of practice to know when and where the loops sit once you have beads on the link because it can push them back a bit, plus it leaves a bit of an opened loop. The opened loops bother some people, but they don’t bother me at all because I’m just going to have to open it to attach it to something anyways so it actually saves me a step. The fact that it pushes the bead back and leaves a gap there, too, bothers some people but one trick that I figured out for spacing is to let the bead move backwards into the loop on the other side. This helps with my ability to make everything snug, and of course, doesn’t help at all if you’re doing head pins and not eye pins.

Cindy A. ...

I practiced with it, and it does make rather small loops, doesn’t it? And not perfectly circular either, but yes, the open end helps. I had a feeling I paid too much. I’ve considered taking it back and looking for one online for cheaper. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Becca Ross ...

There is a larger one available, but I haven’t tried that one out yet.

Jean Bruce ...

I love mine, but like Becca said it take a little getting use to it. I don’t think I paid that much for mine either but I think I got it at JoAnn’s with a coupon so it was fairly inexpensive.

Martha Brownell ...

I have it in 3 sizes and sometimes they help. It does take lots of practice, for me anyway. Like the rest, I paid much less.

Designs By Southernbelle ...

I have one and used it a few times. For me there was a learning curve that I am still trying to figure it out. I think my loops are more consistent with round nose pliers.