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I am preparing to sell my jewelry and I am trying to decide how I will handle everything in Quickbooks. I’ve used Quickbooks for 20 years in my computer business, but jewelry is a bit different. In my computer business, I purchase hardware (hard drives, motherboards, etc…) and enter everything into Quickbooks as an inventory item. Then I either sell each piece of hardware individually or if I’m building a computer, I have a service item called “custom system” and I list each piece of hardware underneath that item on the invoice.

So, when dealing with jewelry, I don’t want to set up each bead, finding, charm, etc… in Quickbooks as an inventory item because there will be thousands. Plus I would have to count each bead, etc.. and enter that number into QB. If I did it that way, I would then have to set up service items for earrings and bracelets. Then for each item I sold, I would have to enter all the components in that item so the inventory count would match. No thanks! I have item numbers for each design that I create and I thought about entering each item number as an inventory item. However, if I do that, how would I show where the item came from? I didn’t purchase the bracelet or earrings from a vendor. I made them. So there is really no accurate way to add them to inventory.

That brings me to my purpose for this post. For those of you who use Quickbooks in your jewelry business, how are you entering everything? Inventory items or no? Non-inventory items for the things you order just to keep track of part numbers? Maybe just a service item for earrings and one for bracelets? If that’s the case, do you keep track of the actual items and their components in Excel? Any input is totally appreciated!


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Marta ...

When I was keeping track, I’d hold on to any of my receipts of what I bought so that when I made an item that included said items, I would add that into my cost….
So, when I finished making a piece of jewelry, I’d take a picture of it, transfer that picture into excel and list each item it took to make it, and the cost of each item. I’d than have a record. When I tracked each item, I numbered the piece and added the year. Example; 0001-2010 or say you made a bracelet… I’d say B002-2010, necklace;N003-2010. This is a lot of work also. I personally wish I’d invested in a jewelry program. I think there are better suggestions from others in this group who have had more success….look back at some of blogs or forums.
Believe me, it’s a little over whelming to try to keep track of every little bead and component! Probably is a better way to explain, but just off my 1st cup of coffee this morning! 😊

Cheryl Lojewski ...

I use a program called Bead Manager Pro. I haven’t ever tried Quickbooks. BMP is an inventory/pricing program and I’ve found it to be very helpful with pricing. There may be some free or cheaper programs out there, but I’ve been happy with this one.