Made my first bead bracelet... question

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Ok, so I made a few beaded bracelets and they came out ok for a first try.

Couple of things – how do you hide the knot if it’s all beads?

Also, I made a bracelet with spacers to maybe hide the knot better and it looks nice but when I put it on there are gaps. What should I have done? Made it a larger size?


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Cheryl Lojewski ...

Yes, I would make it a bit larger so there won’t be gaps. I find it hard to hide the knot if the bracelet is all beads, unless they have a bit larger hole or you can find one that it will slip into. You may have already done this, but something I learned when I started making stretch bracelets is you will want to tie it with a surgeon’s knot and put a dab of glue on it. The glue I use is G S Hypo Cement. It is a bit flexible and won’t become brittle. Never use Super Glue. I also let them dry for several hours before pulling the knot into a spacer or bead. Good luck with your new adventure!! I like the colors you used in the pic.

coolerchick ...

Thank you! I have glue so I will try that too. Now to look up surgeons knot :)