Trying to adjust an old charm bracelet

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So I’m a complete greenhorn at all of this, only having adjusted some pieces on a lace bracelet with a pair of pliers picked up from Michael’s.

I have an old ocean-themed bracelet that was given to me by my mom, who in turn received it from a friend of hers. My best friend is absolutely obsessed with mermaids and the ocean, and I’ve been wanting to give it to her as a present. The issues with it are that its too big for either of us (it slides down about 3/4ths of my forearm) and the charms feel… sparse, leaving a lot of empty space that’s just chain.

What I would like to do is adjust the length of the chain or replace it, and add a few more beads to the chain. The problems here are: 1) I don’t know how to remove/replace the metal pieces keeping the chain attached to the clasp part. 2) I’m having a really hard time finding beads and charms that match what is already on there as I don’t even know what they’re called or where to search, and they’re kind of unusual. (I did find out after 2 days of fruitless Googling that one of the types of beads are called “slider beads” or something. The other is some kind of wire wrapped into a sphere.) Here are some pictures below:

Any help or advice is appreciated.


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