Disposal of Unused Jeweler's Chemicals Need Advice

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Hi, I am not a jeweler. I bought 3 large storage crates about three years ago that had belonged to a jeweler. There was some hazardous materials in there. i should have taken them right back to the auction company…i don’t know why i didn’t. now I am trying to figure out how to dispose of them.
there are 3 different kinds of Oakite Cleaners in there #3, #990, # 90 (my investigation shows sodium hydroxide, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, stuff like that).

Even worse (I think) is the few pounds of sodium Cyanide. I’m willing to pay to dispose of this stuff properly, but is it going to cost hundreds or is it going to costs thousands? is bringing it to the attention of people going to bring the haz-mat team down on me? I am not in a good position financially right at the moment to deal with a large expense. I need to have some idea what this might cost so I can decide whether to defer action for a few months. I called a couple of electroplaters and giving it to someone who can use it doesn’t seem to be a feasible option, without all the right licenses and such.

Does anybody have some good advise for me? Who to call? how much expense to anticipate? how big a deal is this? etc. I need more info before I make any more phone calls.



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I would call your local waste disposal company or county office that may handle hazardous waste disposal. They could provide you with more information than someone on the internet.