How to fit small jumpring through small Saturn curb chain

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I’m so hoping someone here can help me. I saw the Saturn, or satellite chain on a necklace. I want to use the same size chain but can’t seem to find a jump ring that will fit through the end of the curb chain. So far the 22 gauge jumper ring still won’t fit through the end ring of the Saturn chain. I am told by suppliers that I will have to solder or find another alternative. Another supplier suggested buying a tool of theirs and gently tapping the center of the chain to slightly open it up enough to put the jumper ring through. Not sure if it will work does anyone have any suggestions? Or does anyone know where I can get a delicate unfinished Saturn chain that is big enough to fit a 22 gauge jumper ring through. I cant finish my design until I figure this out


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Wandering Rock Designs ...

Have you tried wire wrapping with 24 gauge wire instead of using a jump ring? I’ve done this on some chains where a jump ring won’t work or is not strong enough. Simply thread the wire through leaving a big enough tail to wrap back around the wire 2-3 times, and form using the end of some round nose pliers. Do the same on the other side to connect the clasp.

Soldering also isn’t that difficult, the hardest part is not melting the chain. I started with a butane kitchen torch and easy solder paste which already has the flux mixed in. The paste is great for doing small joints since you don’t have to mess with the solder moving around while heating.