How do I make my own earrings?

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I have a design in mind for some earrings. They are drop earrings and made of gold or silver with diamonds.
I asked a jewelry maker for a quote and he told me that since he had to mold the earrings it will end up costing me nearly 800 dollars.
So question is this – should I train myself how to make them?
Or get a sample made overseas (which would be a lot cheaper).


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JJohnsmithjs ...

There may be a lot of ideas of making earrings by own but it may damage your precious jewelry. So I suggest you to first see the samples if you want to do it by yourself.Check some fashionable Design of Earrings from
Thank you

Melly ...

Silver metal clay perhaps? It really depends on the design.

PatrickSaada ...

You got to do your own research it will take a lot of time. In the end, you may not be happy if the product doesn’t meet the industry standards or the upcoming trends. But you can do a lot of comparison shopping in order to find a priceless diamond earing within your budget.