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I just wanted to say hello and that it’s really cool to find a community for jewelers. I recently joined a local guild, Gem Cutters Guild of Baltimore, to be able to share my passions and sharpen my skills. I’m hoping to be able to learn as well as impart some knowledge here on this site.

I started out just doing wire wrapping and craft store assembly and soon wanted to be able to cut my own stones I’ve collected over the years to incorporate into my designs. This past year I’ve also expanded into silver smithing and bench jewelry to take my small hobby/passion and turn it into a business. The past 8 months have been incredible and I’ve tried so many new techniques that I often thought were beyond my abilities.

I love being able to create such beautiful things from raw materials and have my work travel the world. With each new piece I try and push myself to a new level and never stop improving my abilities and designs. Making jewelry has been the most satisfying occupation I’ve ever had and can’t imagine doing anything else now.

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Michal Bulla ...

Welcome to our community ;)

Wandering Rock Designs ...

Thank you Michal☺