Why did you join Jewelers Community?

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I was wondering what made others decide to join this group. Are you seeking inspiration? Do you want to show off your work? Are you seeking knowledge and expertise in a field that is tough and challenging to be successful in?

I joined to impart what little knowledge and experience I have as well as hopefully gain some insight into new techniques that I want to try. I’ve found it difficult to learn on my own and the best inspiration and guidance I’ve gained has been through other artists that have been down the path that I am now exploring. I try and explain the tools and techniques used in every post so that others may find some insight or inspiration in all my trials and errors along my journey as a jeweler. I hope others will do the same and also spread the knowledge and this site as well so we may all grow together as a community.


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Misty Rose ...

I joined to find good advice and tips on where to buy good products, and how to sell my jewelry and other items at craft shows or craft fairs.

Romans 10:8-13; John 3:16-21

Marta ...

I joined awhile back for a place to show my work and get feedback. I found that the group is filled with wonderful souls who are like minded and love to share their advice.
I haven’t posted for awhile, but I come back to read the comments and to see what others are doing.
I have enjoyed your posts. 😊

cindymarie ...

I joined to show my work and get feedback, since I have only been making jewelry for 2 yrs. I feel insecure but keep plugging along since it is such a great hobby, doesn’t take to much room . I do sell items now but am constantly striving to improve my skills, and learn new things, I love to see what others are making.

Martha Brownell ...

My answer would mirror Marta’s and cindymaries. I have found some wonderful supportive members. I love seeing the beautiful work of others, and I’m very pleased how the Editors and other management members maintain the integrity and purpose of the group.

kimberly newman ...

I joined to see what others were creating and to make new friends with others who have the same interest as I do. I enjoy the interaction with everyone and if I can read or share advice, that helps my skills as a jewelry designer. Plus everyone on here is super cool!

Cindy A. ...

I joined to be able to interact with other jewelry makers and see what others are making. It’s nice to know others deal with the same sort of issues, and there’s always something to learn from each other.

Emma jones ...

I joined to get more knowledge about jewelry and the current trend in it. There are many experts here by whom I can learn a lot of new things and can improve. Being a jewelry designer, I would I also love to get feedback on my own designs and suggestion on the betterment of my skills.

Wandering Rock Designs ...

I’m so glad so many have participated in this thread. It seems like we are all here for the same reasons.

Welcome to the Community Emma☺

Marta ...

Emma welcome! Enjoyed your web page….very talented!