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I am really enjoying using a little loom I bought! As I said in another post, I’m brand new to the art of making jewelry, so I didn’t spend a lot of money for this little loom, but I DO like the results and the technique of making beaded bracelets.
Does anyone else in here like using a beading loom? I have this little wood and metal thing:

Where can I get free or low cost, pretty patterns, and what is the BEST kind of thread to use? What about gluing backings on the bracelets, it’s a good idea, right? To prevent snagging?
I’m also using size 12/0 seed beads, which are fine, but I might switch to 8/0. I’m not sure. I also don’t know where to purchase nice-looking long, flat clasps, like the ribbon clasps, or the slide clasps. My local hobby stores sure don’t seem to stock them much.
Oh, I also have a beading question, what’s the easiest and least expensive method of making beaded dangling earrings, like this:—seed-bead-earrings-fringe-earrings.jpg
I wish there were video tutorials for things like that. Or booklets you could buy and learn from

John 3:16-21; Romans 10:9-13

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John 3:16-21; Romans 10:9-13


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