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My name is Andrea, from Ontario, Canada.
Looking forward to learning from you :)



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GiveawayJewelry ...

Hi Andrea, I’m Mary and I am also here to learn and in fact I am competing to earn Tagua beads, and I hope you can help me and comment for me. Best regards.

Marta ...

Hi Andrea! It’s a great site to get a response on the jewelry we make, suggestions and answers to questions we have!
Welcome. 😊

Daniel ...

Hello guys, My name is Daniel Collins. This is a good forum community to learn more about jewelry. Hope I will get enhance my knowledge more.

Marta ...


Cin3dee ...

Hello all my name is Cindy. I’ve been creating jewelry since 4th grade lol. Used to sell macrame necklaces to students at school for 2.00 back then.
Not sure how to use the forum yet. I’m on cell phone. How do I start a post?

Michal Bulla ...

Hello Cindy, I approved your first post. You should be able to post your jewelry now ;). Sorry for the delay, I missed your post.