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Hello community!

Does someone design jewelry in 3D? What are the challenges of ….

1. Posting your designs on the internet or
2. Showing a customized design to a clients or friend?

If you do not design in 3D, what is the reason?



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cindymarie ...

I am working on a 3d tree of life but I need to use darker wire, I used brass but you can really get a feel for branches. Since this is so delicate it couldn’t be worn. This was my first try. It is hard, but fun. This is the fun stuff I do for myself. I would love to see what others aredoing.

cindymarie ...

looks kinda like a mess.

Andy Vazquez ...

It seems like you are having fun and that is even more important than the result though :)
You will master it, I think it is a matter of practice :)

cindymarie ...

hard to believe it took me 4 hours but a good 4 hours. I am pretty tenacious when I have something on my mind

Andy Vazquez ...

Wow!! What an effort! If you can, Please share the final result :)

Daniel ...

Great!! when you will be complete this please share with us.

cindymarie ...

I sorta tore it up, OK not sorta, but I plan on doing another one with hopefully a 3d effect. Busy with Christmas shows at the moment.