What do you do with all the weird not so great things you make?

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I have a box full of stuff that just didn’t turn out right, I am thinking of making wind chimes or sun catchers with the copper brass pieces. I will often go through these things when blocked and remake them into something else. I always remove the sterling silver ear wires and parts that can be reused. but often I just don’t feel like taking everything apart. Any other ideas? It would be fun to see some pictures of creative uses for these pieces.



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Marta ...

I do the same thing. Actually I think it’s good to go back to some of those pieces that didn’t turn out, I think it helps the creative process. ☺ I have some beaded bracelets that are hanging over one of my bead storage racks. I look at them every time I’m in my craft room…

But I have yet to do anything with them…other stuff like ear wires I tear apart and reuse.

cindymarie ...

Beautiful bracelets, I can’t bead for beans, my fingers are to fat and my patience not so good with those tiny little things. I agree about the creativity. I will sometimes just take things apart and make something entirely different from the same parts.

Marta ...

Thanks for the compliment….those bracelets have mistakes or I just didn’t like them….😉

Wandering Rock Designs ...

I have lots of wire wrap that I don’t like and haven’t ever listed for sale. If it’s sterling I take it apart and recycle the metal and sometimes reuse the beads or stones, but I haven’t done much work with beads, wire wrap, or crystals lately. I was just going through my supplies and wondering if I should Destash them.